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  1. Dixon

    The Well Pump is Acting Up Again

    My last visit to the forum was about 3 years ago and was about the same well. We fixed it then, hopefully we can solve it now. To recap: The residential well is 33 years old, 27' deep, and in the Atlantic Coastal Plain Aquifer (sand/fine gravel). The well has a 2" casing with a 1 1/4" check...
  2. Dixon

    How to Bench Test a Jet Pump

    I want to test a couple of used shallow well pumps and would like a brief tutorial on the best method. I have an amp meter, verified pressure gauge, electrical supply and an adequate water reservoir with supply/return plumbing. A ball valve is installed on the pump discharge side and a 30/50...
  3. Dixon

    Separating Sta-Rite SNC-L Seal Plate from Pump Body

    I'm disassembling an SN series pump for inspection/rebuild and the back plate is stuck to the pump housing. I've cleaned the flange, soaked the mating surfaces with PB Blaster, whacked the housing around the flange with a dead blow hammer, whacked the back plate flange with a ball peen...
  4. Dixon

    Shallow well, Plumbing Directly to Casing

    What are the pros/cons of pumping from the 2" casing directly? (I already did this three years ago) My well depth is 26', the static level 13', and was drilled in 1989. PVC casing. The well is for domestic use and requirements are both potable and lawn irrigation. The well has produced since...
  5. Dixon

    Sta-Rite SN vs FN Series Jet Pumps

    Does anyone with Sta-Rite experience know the difference between these two series of pumps beyond the description, casing design, and price? From Pentair: "The ProJet SN Series provides excellent performance with strong pressure for wells to 25 ft. deep." "The FN Series Provides strong...
  6. Dixon

    Well Pump, New to Forum, A Question About Two Brands

    First of all, thanks for hosting a great website. It's bailed me out of trouble more than once doing past research, especially on shallow well operations. I finally decided to make the leap and become a bonified member and with some luck, an occasional contributor. My shallow well is currently...
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