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  1. jadnashua

    Shower Heads

    The water coming out of a shower head is very much determined by three basic principles: - the incoming pressure - the restriction in the head based on the number and size of the nozzles - minimize friction by having a sufficiently sized supply line (i.e., not try to get the water to flow too...
  2. jadnashua

    Hydrothermal well

    I'm putting together some ideas for a house I might someday build. I'd like it to be energy efficient, and a couple of things that come to mind are solar for some electricity with battery storage, and hydrothermal for heating and cooling. I would like to do an earth-sheltered building, so the...
  3. jadnashua

    Power Panel Surge Suppression and Why You Might Want One

    Some people buy surge suppressors for things like their computers, and some might put them on their stereo or other devices, but today, many many devices have electronics in them to include stoves, refrigerators, microwave ovens, and, well, sometimes even an exhaust fan might have electronic...
  4. jadnashua

    Soldering Help

    Any new skill can be intimidating to get started with, especially if failure can lead to damage to your home! But, like anything, a little practice and knowledge helps. Soldering isn't any different. Three basic rules should help get you started along with some practice: 1. Make the pipe AND...
  5. jadnashua

    Toto/Korky Quietfill Cap Replacement

    Toto over the years has used a few different fill valves, but those sold in the USA, along with those on some other brands, tend to have valves made by Korky, so the following applies to those as a group. Plumbing bits don’t last forever, and especially if you have high water pressure, the cap...
  6. jadnashua

    Cast Iron to PVC?

    Our state uses 2015 IPC. I live in a row of townhouses. We have a main sewer line that runs along the foundation wall sitting in open air and part of that is in garages, so while enclosed when the door is shut, it can get cold in there. Currently, that line is CI, but many people put in...
  7. jadnashua

    Shower Head Principles

    People often complain about shower head pressure, especially if they plan multiple heads along with body sprays. In reality, what they mean is the force of the spray outlet can be weak...the pressure will be the same, regardless. Think of a soaker hose. The pressure of the water feeding the...
  8. jadnashua

    Wiring a Garbage Disposer

    I'm going to be replacing the garbage disposer. It's currently hard-wired from a cable coming out of the wall. I see people are now putting a cord on the thing and plugging it in. While I could put a receptacle on the end of the wire, what is the current code on this...can I just hardwire the...
  9. jadnashua

    Suggested MERV rating for filters?

    I have allergies, and have been using MERV 12 filters in my HVAC system. They help. Any suggestions on whether that is a reasonable value or not? I've not had any issues with the coils freezing up or lack of response (unless I forget to replace the thing, and then maybe slightly!). I usually...
  10. jadnashua

    Condensate pH and the need for Neutralization

    I live in a condo association of townhouses. Our unit drain lines are pvc, but they all drain into a main cast iron line draining the whole building row. Most units have high efficiency, condensing boilers or furnaces. Given that the pH of condensate tends to be around 4.5, and the things may...
  11. jadnashua

    Hot Water Recirculation

    I've had a hot water recirculation system installed for about 15-years, and the original device, a RedyTemp failed. The check valve died, and the company went out of business sometime last year from what I can tell. Worked great, was quiet, but resurrecting it was not in the plan, so I looked...
  12. jadnashua

    April is National Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

    What most people don't know is that testicular cancer is the #1 cancer for males in the 15-40 year old range with 33-years old as the most common age of discovery, although it can occur in an infant or an old fart. While not super common, the CDC estimates that there are over 250,000 men living...
  13. jadnashua

    Why you should have an expansion tank in your home

    Basic facts... - water expands when it is heated; pipes don't (much). - Plumbing in your home is designed for a maximum of 80psi continuous...more is not good for things like washing machine hoses, or actually any hoses to things like faucets, ice makers, toilets, or the seals for your...
  14. jadnashua

    Tornado in Seattle?!

    Hopefully, this didn't impact too many people and especially Terry and friends. Strange weather is one symptom of global warming. Expect weird stuff to pop up more and more places.
  15. jadnashua

    Neat New Leviton Load Center Design

    I don't know if this will take off and become the new "standard" for the industry, but the engineer in me really likes the concept of this Essentially, each breaker position is a combination AFCI and GFCI, and you wire both that...
  16. jadnashua

    (Another) Flushmate recall

    This past Thursday, there was a Flushmate recall. They warn people with the affected models to stop using their toilet, turn the water supply off, and flush the toilet to relieve the pressure in the vessel. It seems that the seam may catastrophically separate, blowing the lid off and maybe...
  17. jadnashua

    How to reliably add a conditioner to a boiler?

    My boiler system is a bear to bleed all of the air from it. It has radiant in-floorheat at the highest point, so it generally takes a fair amount of flow through the whole thing to flush the air out. What's then left, the air extractors can handle to finish it off. The problem is, trying to...
  18. jadnashua

    Use of Conductive Grease on an Indirect Temperature Sensor

    The indirect I have has a quite deep well for the temperature sensor to the boiler control. There's a spring that came with it to help grip and hold the sensor (I think), but the actual well seems to be stepped, and you can actually push the sensor in 3-4" further into that smaller diameter...
  19. jadnashua

    Adjusting the pH of Boiler water

    I have another thread where I was trying to resolve some issues with my boiler, and eventually discovered there were some (well, at least one) small internal weeping leak(s) in the heat exchanger. I'd fixed the exterior ones, but while I was awaiting a new part, observed that the condensate...
  20. jadnashua

    Buderus GB142 gas valve

    I've got a Buderus GB142 boiler. It was giving a 6A error code, and shutting down. This means it is not detecting that the burner fired. After checking both the ignitor and flame sensor, and finding the ignitor glowing, and (I did clean the flame sensor, but it didn't help), the only other...
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