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  1. Plumber Jamie

    Turning kitchen shut off valve makes water turn black

    I'd replace the washers in your shut-off valves. Once they start to break down, pieces can break off and get stuck in the faucet supply line, reducing or even fully blocking the flow. Most of the time I find people do not want to wait for the warranty supply line in the mail and fork out more...
  2. Plumber Jamie

    Clothes washer water hammer

    Hi, I've had this problem installing new braided washer supply lines before. In my case, I even tried installing laundry hammer arrestor tees on the laundry box outlet that already had hammer arrestors, and it was still hammering. I noticed that the supply line diameter seemed to only be 1/2...
  3. Plumber Jamie

    Loosening old black iron heating piping

    Hello, First post on this site, here. I have 77 old cast iron hot water radiators here that I need to remove the old bonnets on. I've done this on one before and it was a huge pain so I am checking to see if anyone has some tips or tricks for doing this efficiently. On the previous one, I...
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