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  1. LakeResident

    Burcam Tankless Jet Pump

    I don't think I said that. I did say in response to your comment about screen clogging up: "Other than quality, our unit with basket & bowl works - screen never gets clogged up" Our in-line screen/filter causes incoming water to spin . Larger particles, mostly sea shells, at first collect on...
  2. LakeResident

    How high can a jet pump push water?

    Pumps need to capable of overcoming a total head. So it all depends! This head would be the suction lift + discharge head + friction losses. So, if you have high suction lift (like 25ft) the discharge head will be lower than it would be at say 10ft suction lift. As total head increases, flow...
  3. LakeResident

    Burcam Tankless Jet Pump

    I am familiar with Y-strainers and basket strainers as used in industry. Our lake water pump suction is unfortunately not a very good application for a Y-strainer - small screen area, more difficult cleaning and higher pressure loss. Other than quality, our unit with basket & bowl works -...
  4. LakeResident

    Burcam Tankless Jet Pump

    We do have a check valve on the suction line. This pump draws water from Lake Ontario - about 20ft below surface via a tripod arrangement with three inlets about 2ft above lake bottom. Inlets don't have screens but do prevent large items (like fish!) from entering. Originally we tried foot...
  5. LakeResident

    Burcam Tankless Jet Pump

    Going back to this old thread! Last Fall, after a problem with out 2008 Burke pump, I decided to buy a new Burke pump with Fluomac - almost same as original. It worked well for 10 months. But recently we find that almost every morning, we have no water. Pump still has power to it. All it takes...
  6. LakeResident

    Burcam Fluomac pressure problems?

    Old thread, but couldn't help adding 2c worth ;) Maybe I misunderstood, but no Shallow Well pump can draw water from a depth of 36 ft! Maximum is 25ft. And even then with friction losses, that would be a stretch!
  7. LakeResident

    Burcam Tankless Jet Pump

    ADDED: What I have learned about these pumps with Fluomac (or equivalent Mastercraft) controller, is that they are both very sensitive to small leaks. My pump at present is cycling on and off. Interval about 2-5 minutes. And this even with line to house valved off. No visible leaks in pumphouse...
  8. LakeResident

    Burcam Tankless Jet Pump

    Realize this is an old thread, but thought I would add my experience. In our case, we are drawing water from a lake. In traveller's friend's case, Burcam do recommend a pressure reducing valve on suction as well as a pump bypass, in event pump needs maintenance. I installed a Burcam pump with...
  9. LakeResident

    Keep water line from lake from freezing/

    We have a lake water system that draws water through a 1 1/4" line that has a Pyrotenax 240V internal heating cable (550Watt, 160ft long) When we go away for a couple of months, I drain the system so water level in pipe is same as lake level. Line runs on lake bottom. Lake does freeze -...
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