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  1. WorthFlorida

    Who needs dielectric fittings anyway?

    Hold your breath. This is the electric 80 gallon Rheem water heater at my church's Parish Hall. 40 years old, manufactured July 1982. It maybe original to the building and it is not leaking. It is in the kitchen with a few floor drains so a leak will not be catastrophic, I'm working on getting...
  2. WorthFlorida

    Hot Water Pipe - Rubber disintegration (in dielectric union) on water heater...

    Do as Terry or Fitter30 suggest or replace that short section of copper with CPVC pipe and dielectric unions will not be needed. CPVC is good to 200º. I just replaced my 15 year old electric water heater and there was zero corrosion at the brass fittings threaded onto the heat trap nipples...
  3. WorthFlorida

    Sewer gas smell from cold water tap

    When duck tape is useful, tape over the overflow holes and the sink drain with the condensate drain only. Check for odor at the other sink. Condensation drain lines, A coils and drip pans inside the air handler can also get real nasty with mold. If that is from the AC unit, see if there is...
  4. WorthFlorida

    Sewer gas smell from cold water tap

    Some cannot tell the difference a sewer odor from a sulfur odor. Sometimes it could be just mold. Since it doesn't happen at other sinks or shower, I'm guessing the problem is at the sink themselves. Have you cleaned out the sink overflow's? Soap scum, mold and crud will build up around the...
  5. WorthFlorida

    Sewer gas smell from cold water tap

    What is the wye connected to? That is not a legal trap in my book. Trap pipe diameter has nothing to do with it your odor problem.
  6. WorthFlorida

    5 degree difference between two adjacent rooms

    First try using damper as "breplum" suggest. Usually the grill has louvers that can be opened or closed but a damper before the grate in the duct work is far better. I think a better solution is eliminate one of the feeds, install a plenum box at a location that would be equal in distance to...
  7. WorthFlorida

    Foundation Drainage

    Adding to an existing drainage system to take care of your down spouts, it might over whelm the 4" pipe during good down pours. It sound that it would be best to add drain basins and additional pipe. My son's home has a similar problem. On the other side of the fence the ground slopes toward...
  8. WorthFlorida

    Waterproofing water heater closet

    Replace the drywall or cover it corner with DensShield® Tile Backer. You can get it a most Lowes or tile suppliers. It is nearly 100% water proof with a fiberglass like glass backside with fiberglass embed in the gypsum. You can take a small piece, place it in water and it will float and never...
  9. WorthFlorida

    Overwhelmed by Delta rough in valve selection

    The valve bodies are the same across the MOEN Positemp line (and Delta). The reason for many valve bodies are the pipe fittings and stops. You always would like to have the one with stops. Pipe fittings are are sweat, threaded, PEX Positemp without stops. Positemp sweat without stops...
  10. WorthFlorida

    Garage floor drain question

    Most places in the USA do not floor drains in garages including auto service and repair shops mainly due to chemicals that can enter a sewer system and as far as a septic tank, you do not want that stuff entering the tank as others have stated. However, inside commercial buildings such as...
  11. WorthFlorida

    Carrier 59MN7 DIP switch settings

    I looked at the T6 Pro installation and it is a basic thermostat wiring. However, Carrier does have an AC Infinity System that uses a proprietary thermostat. It does adjust the air handler fan variable fan speed (ECM control) and the thermostat setting must match the compressor unit. It uses...
  12. WorthFlorida

    New breaker panel install

    Is this a new meter installation for a detached garage or is it a sub-panel from the main panel in the home? It makes a world of difference. If this is an all new service entrance, Afges is correct, until you pass an inspection, the power company will not install a meter.
  13. WorthFlorida

    Bathroom Fan water leak

    Popcorn sucks up water like a sponge. To remove it all you need is a like spray of water and it melts. That is an awful lot of water and I'm doubting that the water is condensation. Seeing stains around the fan cover is not so unusual. Are there an hot and cold water lines in that attic space...
  14. WorthFlorida

    Carrier 59MN7 DIP switch settings

    I know very little about this heating plant and what I can gather from the manual. If you can take a picture of the wiring at the thermostat it will tell if you have two stage heat. I looked over the chart on page...
  15. WorthFlorida

    Fridge water lines in new build Worse case is as long as the line comes up through the sill plate of the wall, then out through the drywall, this can be added later. Cut a hole in the wall, make the compression fitting...
  16. WorthFlorida

    Fridge water lines in new build

    All of my 4 homes built new alway had a 1/4" copper line and yes they just stick out of the wall. Never had one crimp or leak. However, my current home built in 2007 has a wall box. By far the best way and flexible SS hose with 3/8" fitting must be used. When HD delivered my refrigerator they...
  17. WorthFlorida

    Bathroom Fan water leak

    Broan has made dozens of 110 CUFT exhaust fans it cannot tell what type if fan yours might be. Low end units have a small fan and better ones use a drum fan. Drum fan models are very quiet compared to a fart fan. I looked up the installation manual on two fans and they no longer recommend any...
  18. WorthFlorida

    Found on family Handyman web site.

    It must be old. I do not remember the last time I've seen galvanized downspouts? I think is was usually used on commercial buildings.
  19. WorthFlorida

    Found on family Handyman web site.

    Some comments on Handyman is that it is for humidification with rain water.
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