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  1. All Fug Duck

    Kitchen remodel, new sink backs up & drains very slow

    Yup, drain is too high. that will cause you issues down the road too. once you make sure the line isn't restricted, you'll need to maybe forget the disposal altogether. then find two shallow basket strainers for the left and right side to give you more height. cut the PVC at the wall and install...
  2. All Fug Duck

    Sewage smell in bathroom(s)

    Smoke test from your professional, you'll drive yourself crazy or maybe get lucky with info in here.
  3. All Fug Duck

    Plumbing basement shower drain

    That's just not the correct drain type. I know nobody wants to chip concrete, but the one I posted has the big nut on the back so you can lock it to the base. did you try tapping around the edge of the PVC and see if it sounds hollow? Some people wrap the pipe with a foam cover or a foam...
  4. All Fug Duck

    Moving a double drain

    I've seen people just slide the vanity over just enough to get the drain just inside. they use it for storage or whatever. if you have the room and don't mind it that way, would save you from all the work inside the frame wall.
  5. All Fug Duck

    Moving a double drain

    The FIP adapter is the starting point. you will need to solder it so that's the only one you'll solder. you can get in copper or brass. the adapter has a solder type joint on one end and female threads on the other end. so, screw a PVC male adapter into that and do the rest of the waste arm in PVC.
  6. All Fug Duck

    Moving a double drain

    I saw that but didn't bother, it's been there all this time anyway. no mention of gas in the bathrooms from the trap losing water because of it.
  7. All Fug Duck

    Plumbing basement shower drain

    Are you calling your picture a shower pan, just not clear what you're saying? if so, you need to chip the floor a little and attach a drain to the base.
  8. All Fug Duck

    Concrete slab poured tight to toilet rough-in

    They make a flange that slides inside of 3-inch pipe or just chisel it out maybe. you'll need to flush cut or just under the slab a little if it's not a flush fit flange.
  9. All Fug Duck

    Moving a hot tub motor to a quieter location

    I'd get some info on the pump if I were you. that's a long run, plus you'd want the water to drain back in the tub and to the drain after each use. the claim is standing water in the pump lines can become an issue with bacteria. that and after you fill the tub, old water in those runs will come...
  10. All Fug Duck

    Kitchen faucet leak

    Did you make sure the spray head isn't leaking where it's attached to the hose? but if only the hot side is leaking that shouldn't be it. unless I'm seeing it wrong, you have the two supplies from the stops and one line going out from the cartridge where it's mixed. if water is leaking from...
  11. All Fug Duck

    Moving a double drain

    He didn't say it was over 5 stories. myself I'd hard-pipe it all. but most homeowners will do whatever anyway. odds are he's not going to spend money on the soldering gun anyway. so maybe he'll post a little more info for you.
  12. All Fug Duck

    Moving a double drain

    As that is copper and solder joints, it's too dangerous to be in there with a torch even as a Plumber. the next thing is you'll be taking too much out of the studs to extend it. so first I'd remove more sheetrock and make sure the studs aren't load-bearing. if not, drill new holes from that...
  13. All Fug Duck

    New Water Softener installed but holding water in the tank

    Not an expert, but if both of them are doing the same thing it may not be the softener. where does the backwash drain to and is that clear?
  14. All Fug Duck

    Recommendations for New Water Softener

    Looks just like my water to be honest. I mean just about any proper sized water softener will work to soften the water, but that looks like Irion bacteria and or tannins, mine has both with the smell that goes with it. I have chlorine injection to help with mine plus an Iron filter, and carbon...
  15. All Fug Duck

    Intermittent slow drain 1.5 years

    With the snake he had? yes, call someone else and make sure they are equipped for the cleaning. kitchen lines take a beating with grease and food getting mixed then coat the inside of the piping.
  16. All Fug Duck

    Recommendations for New Water Softener

    How do the inside of the toilet tanks look, any floating debris or slime? staining could be tannins also.
  17. All Fug Duck

    Test Results Will This Filter Work ?

    Interesting it says, The Terminox® ISM removes iron, rust, sulfur, manganese, dirt, turbidity, tastes, odors and even chlorine. makes me wonder what media they use. when I buy anything, I want to know I can get parts later on without a hassle. to me, Fleck not only makes a great unit, but you...
  18. All Fug Duck

    Iron Filter or Softener

    In no way am I a water filtration expert. but to me you probably need an Iron filter of some type. whole house filters are meant to be after an Iron filter, or they may foul out quick. If your water isn't hard, you may be able to skip the softener. at my house I have a small garden too, no way...
  19. All Fug Duck

    Can you identify this plumbing 'manifold' coming up from the foundation? SoCal?

    It's there and working, but whoever pulled that copper went out of their way on the manifolds.:confused:
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