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  1. RMO194

    Help--I have a leak!

    I discovered this crack (and resulting leak) at the top cap of this pipe under a valve cover this afternoon. Not exactly sure what it is, but I do believe it is the only one like it in my system. Should I be able to fix myself without calling my irrigation company? Thanks in advance! Ryan
  2. RMO194

    New Vanity Plumbing (part 2)

    I decided to start a new post, as the various responses before were all over, along with the photo being misunderstood. Let me start by showing a clearer photo, with how it currently stands. As you can see, the pipes are about an inch apart, both the same distance from the wall. What is the...
  3. RMO194

    Moen shower cartridge retaining clip

    I was attempting to replace the Moen 1222 cartridge in our shower faucet. I got to the point where the old cartridge was being stubborn and I ran out of time. I decided to put everything back together, but the retaining clip now doesn't seem to have a place to be reinserted. What am I missing...
  4. RMO194

    Replacing Pedestal Sink with Vanity

    I am removing a pedestal sink and installing a vanity in its place. The drain and the p-trap are not lining up with the old plumbing (a little more than an inch apart). I know not to use flex pipe. The existing pipes are galvanized; I am assuming it best to start over with PVC. I was hoping...
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