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  1. Relevante

    Direct well aeration?

    I’ve got a well with bad H2S issues. At the moment it’s doing much better after Reach4’s sanitizing procedure yesterday but I’m looking at what can be done to keep it that way. I found the Sulfur Eliminator which seems interesting and commonly successful, but potentially problematic and at the...
  2. Relevante

    New (to me) property with heavy sulfur odor. Getting started on fixing it.

    Hello all. Several years ago I had a serious iron problem at my home. The professionally installed system was working horribly, and as I learned more in my own research, largely from these forums, in the process of fixing it, I found that it was horribly designed. Not nearly enough flow...
  3. Relevante

    Iron Out to clean Katalox Light?

    Hello, Just under a year ago, I installed a system to remove iron and hardness based on a Katalox Light backwashing filter followed by a large softener. Everything was working great until just a few days ago when I noticed poor water quality in the shower. I flushed the softener twice with a...
  4. Relevante

    Metered filter backwash?

    Hello everyone, This is my first post, but I've been reading here for a long time now. Thanks for all the great info. I'm about to undertake either a rejuvenation or replacement of my currently out of service well filtration system. I'm waiting for my KAR test kit, so I'm sure I'll be back...
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