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  1. Branimal

    Need to cheat toilet vent line toward wall

    I'm using a 3x3x3 santee with a 3x2 reducer to vent my toilet. I don't have enough vertical height to cheat the vent line back with two 2" 22.5* elbows before I hit the subfloor and the 2x4 bottom plate. I can think of 3 possible solutions: 1. Use a 3" x 1 1/2" reducer. Maybe the 1 1/2" 22.5*...
  2. Branimal

    Seeking some advice on dry fitting PVC pipe

    I'm dry fitting some 3" PVC pipe and need some advice on how to get the sizing right. Most of my experience is from working with no hub cast iron. With NH CI, if I get the sizing on pipes or rotations on fittings wrong I can easily redo my work without throwing out fittings & pipe. My biggest...
  3. Branimal

    Can a bathtub be vented thru the kitchen sinks drain

    I have a bathtub that needs to drain horizontally to the main stack. The stack is 14' from the tub's drain. I also need to make a 18' horizontal run for the kitchen sink. I'd like to drain both in the same pipe if possible. The kitchen sink will be vented with a sanitary tee fitting at the...
  4. Branimal

    Roughing in a toilet

    I’ve got to rough in two toilets for side by side bathrooms. Do I need to use closet bends? Seems like the closet bends would make my life easier. I think they are called long quarter bends in charlottes cast iron product literature. See pic. I was messing around with some spare fittings...
  5. Branimal

    Running a new plumbing vent line for kitchen sink and washing machine

    I am renovating a 3 family house one floor at a time. I’m currently renovating the 3rd floor and making my way down the building. The 1st and 2nd floors are occupied. The building is 19.75’ x 57.5’. I’m going to start cutting vents in the roof to let the building breathe before I install the...
  6. Branimal

    Kitchen sink relocation and potential for blockages

    I am moving a kitchen sink to a new location 12’ away from the exisitng sanitary tee. I plan to wrap the new 2” drain line around a wall (3 1/2” metal studs, non-structural) to the existing sanitary tee. A new vent line will be run back (also in the wall) to the the existing vent line. The...
  7. Branimal

    Chinese cast iron no hub vs Charlotte

    How do pipes , fittings, and ferncos compare? Realized I bought a bag of full of Chinese stuff cast iron when I got home and I'm nervous to install it.
  8. Branimal

    Connecting new shower drain to existing tub drain

    Adding a shower to my new bathroom. I'd like to tie the showers drain to the tubs drain pipe before the main stack using a wye. I'm also going to tap the showers vent into the tubs vent using a wye or tee. Does the shower need a 2" vent? Is this feasible? Also anyone know why terry love...
  9. Branimal

    Connecting additional shower drain to an existing tub drain.

    I just demo'd my bathroom down to the studs. My existing bathroom had a double sink, toilet and tub. I ripped out a corner closet and i want to add a custom shower and center drain tub and install a new double sink and toilet. See last picture for old and new layouts. Drain and vent pipes are...
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