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  1. Md9918

    Cost of operating a gravity recirc loop?

    Thanks guys. I'll give it a try with gravity first, if no dice, I'll look into adding a pump.
  2. Md9918

    Cost of operating a gravity recirc loop?

    I have about a 40 foot run of 3/4" pipe between my hot water heater and just about every fixture in the house, which, when combined with today's low-flow fixtures, means a full minute wait for hot water. I am intrigued by the idea of a gravity fed recirc loop-- nearly instant hot water for $100...
  3. Md9918

    Proper way to finish off this cleanout behind vanity?

    I ran drains for a double vanity using a double san tee (aka, cross) and after reading many complaints here about snaking double sinks with crosses, I installed a cleanout above the cross. I figured I would just cover it with the smallest access panel I could find, but my vanity, it turns out...
  4. Md9918

    Can you reuse a roof vent boot?

    Thanks-- this is exactly the route I went. Oatey calls them a "rain collar," and they're around $5. Basically, a boot for your boot. A really great, simple solution.
  5. Md9918

    Can you reuse a roof vent boot?

    Doing a bathroom remodel and ripped out the 3" cast iron vent stack. I left about a 24" stub of cast iron in the boot. I tugged on it a bit and it doesn't seem like it's going anywhere. My question is: can I just push the cast iron out and push some new PVC through? Or should I just leave it...
  6. Md9918

    Planned Bathroom Drain Layout

    I'm planning to divert the original cast iron stack into the wall, because as it stands, it's in the middle of my new main bath. After spending a few hours on this site, I'm pretty sure I've got this right, I just wanted to make sure that there wasn't any issue with diverting the main vent...
  7. Md9918

    Can Kitchen sink and bathtub share 2 inch drain if each vented?

    HJ - do you find this setup clogs frequently, combining kitchen grease with shower hair? I'm considering going this route but am worried about clogs. Would definitely include a cleanout.
  8. Md9918

    Can't build a plumber's box because of HVAC duct - other solutions?

    Well if anyone else runs into this problem, it turns out Oceania makes standard size tubs that have off-center drains. Their Pure 6030 drain is 13 7/8" o.c., which should just work in my situation. It's about $300 more than the Kohler...
  9. Md9918

    Can't build a plumber's box because of HVAC duct - other solutions?

    Thanks Wayne-- I was just about to add that I could go with a narrower tub. The above floor drain is exactly the kind of solution I was looking for, and that one you posted the link for is actually pretty good looking-- thanks!
  10. Md9918

    Can't build a plumber's box because of HVAC duct - other solutions?

    Still early in the reno process and can play with the layout a bit. My space is 11'3" x 5. Formerly 1.5 baths, merging to a single full bath. Took up the subfloor and quickly realized that my planned layout wasn't going to work. Here's the plan: Below is where I planned to put the 30"...
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