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  1. Michael Lance

    Rinnai R75LSi Error Code 11/12

    And in conclusion, the plumber I had scheduled to come install it gave me a call and we talked through it all. He said I would be over $1000 in at this point, and it sounded to him like I didn't need him, but let him know if I needed help. I installed the valve myself - super easy. Everything...
  2. Michael Lance

    Rinnai R75LSi Error Code 11/12

    I just went on and ordered one. There is a 90-day return policy, so I would only be out shipping if I have to send it back. Thinking I will have to have it installed, though - if the hot water has not been run for awhile (a few hours), I have to tap the gas control valve body to get it to light...
  3. Michael Lance

    Feeling stupid, my tankless water heater turns cold when I'm in the shower

    Hey - I have a Rinnai R75 from 2008, and it did not have a filter! The first time I cleaned the fan, it was solid bug guts. For some reason I thought it was normal for the hot water heater to sound like the space shuttle taking off! I really should have known better. Now I routinely clean it.
  4. Michael Lance

    Rinnai R75LSi Error Code 11/12

    I have a Rinnai R75 LSi, date May 2008, installed new in 2008. I had a code 11 on it a few years back, cracked it open, and found the fan full of stink bugs. Cleaned it, and it fixed things up. Now I periodically clean the fan. A few weeks ago, one of my 6 year olds decided the exhaust needed...
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