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  1. quartermilecamel

    Water right sanitizer series softener needs resin replaced is it worth it and if so how

    I have the sanitizer series with chlorine generator and zeolite resin put in in 2008. waters not real soft anymore. Thinking about replacing the resin myself. Suggested cost of people to do it that are now Culligan and were water pro when I bought it said 500 bucks just to replace the resin...
  2. quartermilecamel

    hot water sink on off knob is squeaky like the rubber o rings are dry yet cold no squeak

    I keep on greasing the hot water valve but it doesnt last long yet the cold water knob doesnt do this. Is there a proper grease for this? I have well water and a water rite sanitizer series softener thats 12 years old. what can I do to get this valve to stop the rubbery squeak sound when the...
  3. quartermilecamel

    New bladder tank or CSV valve with small tank and Grundfos sq200

    Ok here's the total situation: Well x trol tank bladder busted after 2 years.....found out zero warranty because I installed it myself. I originally set it up for 40/60 pressure and tank bladder set at 33 psi. Worked great...until now. Really don't want to spend 250 for labor just to have...
  4. quartermilecamel

    Winchester furnace(York) blower fan wiring for fan only

    Hello I have a york furnace 1996 model. control board blew about 2006, replaced with newer version. Old board had heat park and park terminals I dont think it even had cool terminals. This is a heat only furnace as in no cooling so blower motor black wire is connected to heat terminal. This...
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