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  1. MaxBlack

    HW Heater as storage tank?

    Been thinking about our ice cold well water and that we don't (directly) drink it, we have mixers at toilets to minimize sweating, and it seems it has to increase our hot water usage though of course valves should take care of that. Our equipment room is warm in the winter owing to the HW...
  2. MaxBlack

    How to plug this hole in a PVC pipe

    Rainwater collection system with multiple tanks and a 2" "header" that collects all the water for pumping to the house. Here in TX we have occasional days in the winter where it gets into the teens F and so I cleverly (NOT!) drilled holes at each of my tank valves so that I could let air into...
  3. MaxBlack

    How to get this shower head apart!?

    Hey I have one of these Moen shower heads that has an adjustment knob on the side but no way that I can determine to get the thing into pieces (to clean it of course). Does anyone here know if or how this thing can be dis-assembled??? It just goes in and out and around and around and there are...
  4. MaxBlack

    Need help to secure a two-hole kitchen faucet

    Our disposal failed and while under the kit. sink I noticed that our two-hole faucet, one for the discharge and one for the lever/handle/valve, is loose. It seems that over the years water has gotten under and into the mounting holes for these, and the MDF/whatever frame that these secure to has...
  5. MaxBlack

    How to bring water into a slab foundation. The concrete is coming Thurs!!!

    This is Tuesday evening and the concrete trucks roll on Thursday: guys I need help! I have a trench to my new storage barn foundation, and today the builder was helping me with some service items: A 2" conduit for electric, a 3/4" for telephone, and a 1" PVC pipe for water. We were laying them...
  6. MaxBlack

    Fluidmaster 400 leaks, please help me to understand it

    Brand-new model 400 filler and it admits water at the top in a trickle. Water being the precious commodity it is, I have to stop the trickle. 1. The black seal therein (242) appears in perfect shape, no dings or nicks 2. Same for the white (nylon?) below, no nicks or cuts 3. Water is...
  7. MaxBlack

    Toilet riser other than Toilevator?

    We have a several toilets that are efficient and flush fine but if we had our druthers would be a couple inches taller, and while the $$ are not truly our issue I have heartburn about putting relatively new porcelain et al in the landfill. Apparently there are exactly TWO products on the market...
  8. MaxBlack

    Air in impeller? From where?

    Maybe you guys have ideas for me: My 3/4HP shallow well pump, for 10-15 seconds on startup, makes a somewhat harsh sound from the impeller that then "smooths out" to be very quiet, as its pumping-up from 40 to 60 psi. This pump's 1 1/4" input is tied not to a well, but to the bottom bulkhead...
  9. MaxBlack

    Check valve placement?

    Our well went dry and I'm scrambling to get a rainwater collection system together. Rather than put large collection tanks below our house, spoiling the natural view, I've hidden a smallish (1100gal) tank there to collect the water, and have a submersible pump w/float switch driving about 300'...
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