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  1. Xroad

    Shower Control Valve

    I am back at my mother's house again :( 2 hours away, fixing her tenent's shower valve. It is a 3 knob control, hot-diverter-cold control valve. The cold water valve stem need replacing. I cannot figure out what manufacturer makes the valve control. I have a detail drawing after I made some...
  2. Xroad

    Boiler: Valve to Automaticly Add Water

    My mother's steam heat boiler have a low water warning light. When it is on, the boiler will not turn on until the water supply valve is opened to add sufficient water into the boiler. This was OK when I lived there or when my father was younger. Now both of them are OLD and I live far away...
  3. Xroad

    Patching Lead Pipe

    The 4" lead vertical pipe coming down through the basement ceiling meets up with a 90* elbow then goes horizontal downstream. Right before the vertical pipe meets the elbow, there is a 2" horizontal lead pipe that "T" into the 4" vertical pipe. This 2" horizontal pipe is about 12 inches long...
  4. Xroad

    4" Cast Iron Pipe: Unplug Sections

    How difficult is it to separate one section of 4" cast iron from another section. Is the oakum & lead stuff really tight? If I can unplug, then I do not have to cut the cast iron. I found flexible rubber pipe coupling that fits the 4" PVC on one end and the other end fits the "socket" female...
  5. Xroad

    4" Rubber Boots to Connect Cast Iron to PVC

    Wow, I don't remember 4" rubber boots to be so expensive. I need to splice in a section of PVC to a cast iron sewer pipe. Home Depot, Lowes, ... Pretty pricey. Can I do better buying mail order? Where? Any recommendation? -xroad
  6. Xroad

    Under Sink Anti Freeze Valve

    Couple of years ago, I saw in This Old House magazine, I think, a valve attached under the kitchen sink water pipe. When the temperature drops to a low trigger point, the valve starts to drip. It is not a fast drip. It is a very slow drip. The slow controlled drip is sufficient to prevent...
  7. Xroad

    Do I Need Draino?

    My bath room sink has been draining slower and slower. I took a peek down the drain and saw lots of black cruds. Possibly they are build ups from soap, tooth paste, and snot. I do not have this problem with my bath tub. When I replace my bath tub last year, I looked at the drain pipe and it...
  8. Xroad

    Window Film to Seal Out Draft

    I just did 18 windows with plastic sheets to seal out the draft. I can feel the difference. I have cheap vinyl windows that leaks at the sash to frame gaps. It also leaks where the two sash meets. Could I not just use some form of adhesive tape at all 7 gaps at each window? What tape...
  9. Xroad

    2 Stroke Engine Fuel Mix Ratio

    My leave blower needs 40:1 gas to oil mix. My weed trimmer needs 50:1 gas to oil mix. It is a pain to keep a separate gas container for each mix. What happens if I just keep one container with 45:1 mix? Will I damage the engine? Will performance be worst? Difficult to start?
  10. Xroad

    Where Do I Begin? Fan Motor Squealing

    Hi Folks, I removed the fan sub assembley from the bathroom exhaust fan unit. The mator was squealing. Easier to take the sub assembly down and replace the motor than removing and replacing the whole fan unit, which is attached to the ceiling. So, where do I begin? Who sells fan motors...
  11. Xroad

    Badly Rusted/Leaking Main Waste Pipe

    My mother's house have a section of 4" waste pipe, cast iron, badly rusted and leaking. If I am to cut the section out and replace the section with PVC pipe & rubber union boots at each end, it would be the ideal fix. Problem is the risk. If I use a chain type pipe cutter. It may not snap at the...
  12. Xroad

    Bag For a Riding Mower

    No plumbing question ..... Got an old riding lawn mower. Sears Craftsman model 917.270840. I cannot even find the model in the Sears web site. Really poor web site. Google found a few unrelated links on the model. I am looking for a side bag attachment or rear mount hard or soft bags. Found...
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