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  1. Dailo

    Fleck 7000 Advice

    I posted a while back for some recommendation on settings, but turns out I gave out the wrong information. I was going off the sticker that was on the valve, but while trying to figure out why there was so much water in my brine tank it turns out that what I have does not match the sticker...
  2. Dailo

    Fleck 7000 XTR

    Moved into a house that already had a Fleck 7000 XTR (doesn't seem common) softener installed, but seems like the water doesn't stay soft very long (using test strips). After a using a few hundred gallons , the water starts to get hard until I manually do a regen again. It is a 12" x 52" tank...
  3. Dailo

    Fleck 5600 Timer Always Off

    Hi, I have a Fleck 5600 valve and the clock on the timer is always running too slow, so the time is always off and eventually re-generation starts happening in the middle of the day. I've already replaced the motor and the gear, but that doesn't seem to have helped. The only other thing I...
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