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  1. MaxBlack

    RO filter keep or remove

    Well it's a matter of personal preference then. Do you use a lot of water? Drink a gallon a day each? Does the RO water taste better to you? Does wasting a couple gallons in the RO process give you heartburn? If it were us, we would try a few days of drinking non-RO, including of course our...
  2. MaxBlack

    Water softener and UV lights while on vacation??

    If it were me then, assuming the clock continues to run through a week or etc of no power, I would just throw-off the breaker and be done with it. If on the other hand the clock doesn't survive a week of No Power, assuming it's a PIA to reset every time, I would split the well pump from the...
  3. MaxBlack

    Water softener and UV lights while on vacation??

    Hi Jim, while the settings I'm sure are non-volatile, notso sure about the clock. Easy to test that though, right!? My wife learned early-on about the well breaker, and in fact we have a well at both our winter home (vacant in summer, though we visit to cut grass and etc so turn-on the well...
  4. MaxBlack

    Water softener and UV lights while on vacation??

    I would always insist to turn-off the circuit feeding the well pump, even if only leaving for a week or two. The "only" issue I see with that is the timer on your gizmos needing to be re-set. If that causes any other problems (I dunno what, or how) I might be inclined to separate the well pump...
  5. MaxBlack

    New Water Softener installed but holding water in the tank

    I agree w Reach4. Call the 1-888 number and ask.
  6. MaxBlack

    Does water softener brand matter?

    Yeah I get that the Water Quality Association rates >10gpg as "very hard", I was just saying some of us have tried to deal with water that is 10 times that bad--looks like milk coming-out of the ground. You have implied that showers are most important to you--I would suggest that faucets and...
  7. MaxBlack

    Does water softener brand matter?

    You could use any brand softener and run it with Potassium chloride and not Sodium chloride. Note 11gpg is not "very hard". Our water in Texas was 120gpg--now THAT was hard! You should also re-think "hot water only". Any mixing of hard with soft water almost completely ruins the effect i.e. you...
  8. MaxBlack

    5 GPM well; how do I backwash? What happens if I pump well dry?

    Re: fear of pumping dry, afaik you can burn-out your deep well pump, despite that it no doubt has an overload cutout. A protection for such is Franklin's Pumptec-Plus, which protects against over and under load and voltage, low yield wells, mud/sand clogging, cavitation, drop in water level...
  9. MaxBlack

    Advice needed reactivating water softener that has been bypassed for one a year

    Do you know Bannerman just how resilient resin is to chlorine contact? I know that even the mfrs suggest chlorine in the brine tank aperiodically, and I know enough about it to know chlorine needs TIME to disinfect, but... is just the brine rinse cycle enough? I'm guessing that the shortness of...
  10. MaxBlack

    Effectiveness of Resin in Water Softener

    Ha we posted at the same time yesterday so I missed yours. Awesome that you appear to have found your problem--it seems that might have been my own problem 20 years ago. I didn't write it down, and the brain cells ain't what they used to be... Come back and tell us you have soft water again...
  11. MaxBlack

    Effectiveness of Resin in Water Softener

    It's possible WP that your new softener has never done a proper brine rinse at all. At least, when I lived in Texas I bought a WS by mail order and the valve wasn't right on it. This was almost 20 years ago but iirc I had to repack the valve as it wasn't right from the supplier. I might be...
  12. MaxBlack

    Rural water - doing things right

    Good ideas. I'm remembering too now having bought some chlorine tablets for my rainwater system. I'm imagining they might work well in the aforementioned Big Blue housing, which in my case normally has a 50micron filter in it. Maybe put instead a 2-1/2 inch filter in there and surround it with...
  13. MaxBlack

    Rural water - doing things right

    Reach4 your well sanitizing link was a little long for me this a.m., but I imagine you have ideas for the OP about "shock[ing] the inside." It seems to me that it is almost a certainly that Trepidation's water pipes and fixtures throughout the house have grown all manner of gunk inside of them...
  14. MaxBlack

    Water Softener Vacation Regeneration Question

    If you're going to be gone a long time, you should actually turn your well pump OFF so that there is no chance of flooding the house when you are gone. If for some reason you need it left on, see ditttohead's answer.
  15. MaxBlack

    How to check the softener and filter are functioning properly

    For my own Culligan water quality monitor, they look for a 75% reduction. So test non-RO in and RO out and (maybe) be happy with the result. Hmm I just checked my logs and my own setup has >1000ppm in, and then <50 after RO, so much better than 75%. Maybe that is the point at which my monitor...
  16. MaxBlack

    How do softeners keep contaminants from salt tank out of drinking water?

    The brine that results in the "wet salt tank" as you put it doesn't actually get into the drinking water. Instead, after the brine has done its job the resin is rinsed to remove residual salt and the impurities you're concerned about.
  17. MaxBlack

    Water Softener

    Where there's a will, there's a way. Re: the WS you need first to test the water for hardness. As for smell, it might be a matter of putting an activated charcoal filter in your line--you might try this simply by putting one into one of your Omni housings. We have a 20" Big Blue charcoal...
  18. MaxBlack

    Leak Detection and Water Shut off on Well

    In reading about the 75psi that is from Home Depot today, I see the mfr says it is adjustable 10psi up or down, but I don't know why you'd want it any higher than that.
  19. MaxBlack

    Leak Detection and Water Shut off on Well

    What he said, i.e. Reach4 you are right.
  20. MaxBlack

    Leak Detection and Water Shut off on Well

    beets your question inspired me to look more closely at our own (water well) setup and I'm somewhat dismayed to see we have no relief valve at the pressure tank. And we do have a sediment filter immediately downstream. So if the sediment filter completely clogged, and then the pressure switch...
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