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  1. Gsmith22

    Any guesses on what bacteria I have?

    chlorine is the fallback because it works. the vast majority of municipal water supplies in the world use it to treat their water. A whole lot more research and money have been devoted to those water supplies than you will be capable of expending. What do you know that they don't? If you...
  2. Gsmith22

    Any guesses on what bacteria I have?

    large differences between free chlorine and total chlorine indicate lots of stuff is being killed by the chlorine. Free chlorine is active hypochlorite available for killing things. When the chlorine kills stuff, it creates chloramines which are just the byproducts of chlorine mixing with...
  3. Gsmith22

    Any guesses on what bacteria I have?

    Let me preface the following (potentially stupid) question with the fact that I know nothing about AIO (1, 2, 3, etc. :)) other than you are injecting something into the water. If you believe that the bacteria is aerobic (needing oxygen), wouldn't injecting anything with oxygen in it (that is...
  4. Gsmith22

    Any guesses on what bacteria I have?

    FYI, for a pool it is shock level and maintain (SLAM) and not just "shock". you have to raise the pool to a very high chlorine level and then keep it there until it can be shown that the chlorine level does not drop from it being used up killing things. Shocking and not maintaining may reduce...
  5. Gsmith22

    H2S Test Kit

    I seem to recall someone telling you test strips were a waste of time because you can't get an accurate result.... can't quite remmber who.... :)
  6. Gsmith22

    Effectiveness of Chlorine in high pH water at H2S and Bacteria Removal

    see your other tread where I talked about what you are doing with relationship to pool sanitation. Pools are supposed to be kept at pH between 7.2 and 7.6 for effective chlorine use.
  7. Gsmith22

    Any guesses on what bacteria I have?

    I've only used the Taylor based kits so I can't directly comment on other brands. But, as far as test strips vs titration, it isn't even close. An analogy would be like driving somewhere (titration) vs walking there blindfolded (test strips). My guess is that brands of titration kits (or even...
  8. Gsmith22

    Water Treatment Forums

    this is the best I have found
  9. Gsmith22

    Any guesses on what bacteria I have?

    i have been periodically following along. I would possibly look into theory with respect to chlorine use and pool sanitation. check out this thread and chart: You will not have any CYA because that is a pool specific aditive to...
  10. Gsmith22

    Rehau vs. Uponor?

    I wrote a thesis on PEX expansion in this thread if you want to check it out:
  11. Gsmith22

    Rehau vs. Uponor?

    think i got mine used on ebay as a bare tool, expander heads, and case (no battery). lots of new of lightly used bare tools on ebay with batteries stripped out because batteries command more money and people sell individually
  12. Gsmith22

    Rehau vs. Uponor?

    just wanted to point out that Dewalt also makes the same autoexpander tool for Uponor fittings that Milwaukee makes. Its what I got because I already had a bunch of dewalt batteries and wasn't about to purchase Milwaukee batteries too for one tool. Its my understanding that it is an Uponor...
  13. Gsmith22

    What type of Pipe/Fittings do you use for your water treatment installations?

    avoid CPVC at all costs as it gets brittle with age and is a ticking time bomb. bump brittle CPVC and it explodes copper with copper or brass fittings are mostly fine so long as you don't have pH less than 7 and LSI above say -0.1. chemicals for water treatment may be an issue with...
  14. Gsmith22

    Dealing with arsenic

    you will get better responses in the softener forum. until then, see this link for arsenic treatment options. arsenic is common in NJ well water. According to the link, RO is ineffective for arsenic 3 and is the least preferred option for arsenic treatment...
  15. Gsmith22

    What makes an LP gas grill "convertable" to natural gas?

    then don't buy that grill if you want one that is convertible. I have converted both Maytag and LG dryers back and forth between natural gas and propane and I have converted Weber grills back and forth. Can't speak to any other brand specifics but those brands only required an orifice change and...
  16. Gsmith22

    Do plastic and brass threaded fittings good with each other

    the push to connect obviously makes it very easy to connect that flex hose to the houses plumbing. In general flex hoses are recommended between equipment (like a softener) and the house's plumbing. Do you need them? No but it probably is better with than without. 1" is probably not a common...
  17. Gsmith22

    Designing Expansion PEX Layout and Brands to Use

    head loss is a function of the fluid velocity squared which doesn't appear in that (linear) rule of thumb equation. so that equation might be a fine for very small flows to get you an order of magnitude head loss but most rules of thumb are conservative which means it will probably get you a...
  18. Gsmith22

    Water softener guys placed drain into my Ceiling sewer vent and disaster happended?!!!What are my rights and what would you guys do?

    for litigation matters, everyone will want to see the issue first hand so be prepared to have the conditions linger while everyone gets up to speed and comes to see what happened. guilty parties tend to drag feet so the sooner you inform everyone, the faster the cleanup. And as stated above -...
  19. Gsmith22

    Do plastic and brass threaded fittings good with each other

    the black plastic is probably an engineered polymer and not readily available from a big box store or even a plumbing supply. the water softener company probably has various parts made from it for their equipment. I wouldn't worry about the weight of a brass fitting attached to it. engineered...
  20. Gsmith22

    What makes an LP gas grill "convertable" to natural gas?

    i think you can do that as far as I am aware. Moved from a house with natural gas to one with LP (propane) and converted my clothes dryer from natural gas to propane with just an orifice change. My mom has an outdoor grill hooked up to her house's natural gas supply and not propane - again just...
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