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  1. NKaufman

    Metal or plastic drain pipe + pop up

    Hello, Noticed that the popup rod that connects to sink drain pipe had rusted and come off, ball still in pipe Tried to remove the nut and not only did the nut come off, but it also stripped the thread of the pipe, the entire thing came off, see pic So, I think I need to replace the pipe, in...
  2. NKaufman

    Toto cleaning

    Terry has mentioned here in the forums (1) use Dawn dish wash cleaner (2) Nylon Bristle brush Would silicon brush - that we have not work? Or do we need a brush like -...
  3. NKaufman

    Bidet seat electrical outlet

    Hello, For a Bidet seat, am looking to put an electrical outlet and was wondering what's the preferred location - behind tank? - behind tank but above tank so as to not have the outlet near water source? Looked a several pictures here but didn't notice yet where the outlet was installed. What...
  4. NKaufman

    What parts come with Drake Toilet apart from Tank/Bowl?

    Hello, Getting C776CEFGT40#01 Bowl and ST776SA#01 Tank I understand I have to get supply line, bolts, wax seal. How about caps? Would the toilet come with it to ensure no color difference? and to please a Higher Power in the house.. :D Thanks,
  5. NKaufman

    BioBidet 1000 or 2000 or Toto C5 or Alpha JX - very confused..

    Trying to get our feet(?) wet ;) with bidets and Looking at the above models that seem be to be in the $350-$500 range. We are looking at - strong wash pressure and unlimited warm water as our criteria. A strong wash pressure can be reduced but a weak wash pressure cannot be increased to a...
  6. NKaufman

    BioBidet bidet seats experience?

    Hello, Has anyone used bidet seats by BioBidet and if so, what has the experience been. Thanks,
  7. NKaufman

    How to find model/part number of American Standard Toilet Bowl

    Hello, From the following pics of an American Standard Toilet Bowl (I think this one is used with 4392 Tank), is the P/N - 730643-100 Or is it something else? Thanks
  8. NKaufman

    Moen Monticello 4560 faucet cartridge replacement question

    Hello, getting ready to replace cartridges for this faucet. instructions suggest to clean valve body before installing new cartridge. "" The last step mentions: Remove any excess water from the bottom of the valve body...
  9. NKaufman

    Entry level Toto Washlet or Washlet+

    Hello, As some can see from my earlier posts, I'm looking at a couple of Toto toilets: CST776CSG and CST776CSFG Wasn't aware of a Washlet till I read about them here and started looking at Toto website (why is it so hard to find info on that site :)). What's a good, inexpensive washlet or...
  10. NKaufman

    When to replace supply lines and valves

    Got a plumber coming in to replace a couple of toilets. House is 17 years old with original supply lines/valves etc and am wondering if I should get new supply lines for all faucets/toilets not just for the new toilets. Do people recommend changing them at some interval OR just wait till it...
  11. NKaufman

    Toilet replacement recommendation

    Am looking to replace toilet mostly used by teens and their friends and S.O. wants to get one that not only flushes strong but to put it delicately - cleans the "toilet bowl wall" up higher than the water level as well. Yes, teens are messy and S.O. is tired of cleaning practically every day...
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