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  1. Phog

    Shower Valve Opinions

    Hello all, going to redo the shower soon and looking for some input on valves to aid in my selection process. Looking for a basic pressure balancing valve, but definitely needs flow control capability (ie. Moentrol would be a "yes", Posi-temp "no"). This will be for a shower only-- no tub...
  2. Phog

    2015 NAECA Standards

    I'm just curious if anyone can help me understand the 2015 NAECA efficiency standards and what effect this is having on atmospheric vent tank heaters? I like the simplicity and reliability of a pilot light atmospheric vent heater, the fewer moving parts such as fans, igniters etc to break the...
  3. Phog

    Water heater Advice

    Hi, new poster here but I have been lurking on & off for several years. Every time I have a question about anything plumbing related, I just come here and search through old forums posts. I have learned so much. Here is my question for today. I presently have a natural draft water heater that...
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