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  1. Claraarcher

    New Toilet Tie In

    As part of the bathroom renovation I am adding a master bathroom and need to tie into the old bathroom waste line and stack. The old waste lines are copper with PVC for the new master lines tying in. I found some issues that I think will be ok but not 100% to code and unlikely that i can get it...
  2. Claraarcher

    Trowel Size

    Hi All, I am continuing tiles from one room into another but the the currently installed tiles are pretty close to the floor and looks like the installer used a very small notch trowel. These are 12x24 porcelain tile so i would expected a 1/2 x 1/2 to have been used. To not have an obvious lip...
  3. Claraarcher

    Venting Issue?

    In the bathroom i am renovating i found a buried old washer discharge 1 1/2 in copper that ties into the waste line for the tub in the bathroom. It looks like at one point they were running both tub and washer into the 1 1/2 waste line before abandoning the washer line. The washer discharge...
  4. Claraarcher

    Supply Line Size

    Hi Again everyone. Few questions. I called a pro to handle re-doing the water and waste rough in for a hall and master bath. The way the supply lines are now is that there are 1/2 inch copper cold and hot lines coming off the 3/4 copper main line that was feeding a tub. A few feet over are...
  5. Claraarcher

    Wall mounted toilets

    Hi All, I am now renovating the upstairs bathroom and of course its difficult. I want to add a master bath but it is going to be tight so I was thinking of using a wall mounted toilet. I have a few questions: 1. are there decent one for $400-$500 including the tank? 2. any issues using in a...
  6. Claraarcher

    PEX supply line with copper stub outs

    Hi All, I have a question related to using PEX pipe but connecting copper stub outs thru the walls so I can solder on speedy valves. If I use the stub outs sold in stores that are maybe 6 inches through the wall and have a compression connector built in, can I solder on the valve after the...
  7. Claraarcher

    Shower stall walls and floor

    Anyone use USG's products like GoBoard and thier pre pitched floor systems? Schluter is very expensive and seems like there are newer - better? products out there for less. Any websites of places in NE USA that has good pricingand carrys a more than one brand? will be 32" X 60" alcove with...
  8. Claraarcher

    Shower stall drain under slab

    Hi, As everyone in this forum was very helpful in helping with some rough in and venting and am once again asking for some help. I am getting to the point of build out the shower stall on first floor and the old drain looks to be copper / brass into a cast iron trap. I need to move this...
  9. Claraarcher

    Electric tankless for whole house?

    Hi All, Does anyone know of an electric hot water tank that can service a 2700 SFT home? assume 2 1/2 bath kitchen no other hot water using appliances If there is one have you had any bad experiences with them? Thanks!
  10. Claraarcher

    Help with laundry piping

    Hi, I am adding some new drains and vent to a laundry on the first floor of my home. i built a 3ft tall knee wall to hide the pipes. The laundry has one wall that is the outside wall and the wall on the left side is the wet wall for the bathroom. The washer and dryer will be stacked in the...
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