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  1. TxHr

    Fleck 5810SXT Settings for New Softener??

    We are on a well and our water hardness has migrated to a much higher level, 40 grains, forcing me to install a much larger softener to meet softening demands. Our new softener is a 14x65 with 3 cu ft of fine mesh resin, supplying a 96k capacity. I need help programming this beast to be...
  2. TxHr

    Fleck 5810SXT Programming - Softener w/ GAC

    Hello, I recently had to replace my old faithful 7000SXT with a 5810SXT. My tank is a 13x65 mid plate Vortex tank w/ 1.5cu 10% cross link resin in the bottom (48,000 grain capacity) and 1.5 GAC in the top, all controlled by a 5810SXT. That said, I could use your help programming this setup...
  3. TxHr

    Need Help Programming Softener/Filter and Setup?

    Hello All, We built our house recently and had a softener/whole home carbon filter installed. We initially tried using Potassium at the recommendation of the salesperson, but after consulting the forum we have switched to salt. I know all of my softener settings are wrong and I would prefer to...
  4. TxHr

    Need Programming Assistance for Softener/Filtration System

    Hello everyone! We built a new house late last year and had a softener/whole home carbon filter installed. The system is using a ton of salt (40 lb every 4-5 weeks). I know the settings are wrong and I am seeking assistance in programming my system to ensure maximum efficiency. Please see specs...
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