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  1. Canada_DIY_Plumber

    A few questions about shims and mortar for tub install - with pics

    I'm finally at the stage where I will be installing the tub. It fits well in the alcove and is almost level. I think I will be able to get it completely level by adjusting the legs. There is about 2 3/4" between the floor and the bottom of the tub. Edit: Since 2 3/4 is more than the...
  2. Canada_DIY_Plumber

    Stacking leak - Can I build a high loop?

    The reno challenge today is trying to set the height of the showerhead high enough so that it won't drip water while trying to fill the tub. We bought a deep tub (23" to the shelf of the tub) and my wife is 5' tall so she would like the shower head as low as I am willing to go. She does not...
  3. Canada_DIY_Plumber

    Wedi Board - Can't hang over thick tub flange - what to do?

    Kerdi-Board is basically sold out locally so I am trying out Wedi and can't figure out what to do with this tub flange. The tub has a thick flange. It's basically a full 1/2 inch. Unfortunately, I can't fur out the wall by 1/2 inch to drop the Wedi over the flange because then it will create an...
  4. Canada_DIY_Plumber

    Is this example to code? Vent question

    I'm going through some articles to find my rough-in heights for a 36" tall kitchen sink and vanity. It seems like 16" off the floor will work for both. But in the process I came across this article and I'm confused about why they ran their drain like they did...
  5. Canada_DIY_Plumber

    New case of water hammer when we flush the toilet

    When we flush our toilet, we are hearing loud water hammer somewhere in the walls that goes on for a good 5-10 seconds. I have confirmed it is when waster is supplied to the toilet and not a venting noise by turning off the water supply valve and then flushing, and then turning the supply back...
  6. Canada_DIY_Plumber

    1/2 or 3/4 PEX for a pipe feeding a washing machine and tub/shower?

    I'm doing a bathroom reno and adding a washer/dryer. The pipe feeding the bathroom is a mix of 1/2" copper and 3/4" PEX. It enters the bathroom as 3/4 PEX and I am installing two shut-off valves in an access panel for the whole bathroom. After these shut-off valves, I need go up into the...
  7. Canada_DIY_Plumber

    Toilet flange not attached to anything except the drain pipe

    I'm putting in a new tile floor in the bathroom (was sheet linoleum before.) I need to add an additional layer of plywood underlayment and then the tile and so my toilet flange will be too low. I was planning on using an extension kit (the spacers) to bring it up to the new level of the floor...
  8. Canada_DIY_Plumber

    Bathtub dry vent

    I've been asking a few questions and have greatly appreciated the pointers. I'm putting in a bathtub on a concrete slab. The bathtub will have a dedicated dry vent (not part of a wet vent system.) I'm having a hard time figuring out how to get this vent into the plumbing wall given the rule...
  9. Canada_DIY_Plumber

    Am I plumbing this laundry drain in an odd way?

    I'm buying my drain pieces for a new laundry connection. My plan was to make the drain/trap 2" (all the way from the laundry box to where it enters the main 4" horizontal drain under the slab.) I was going to set up a dry vent (to connect in the attic with an existing vent) using 1.5" I...
  10. Canada_DIY_Plumber

    How thick should I build a section of wall to hold shower and laundry plumbing?

    I'm redoing my bathroom to add a washer/dryer (X marks the spot). I've had to do a full gut since the sewer was under the slab and I needed to jackhammer down to it to put in a dedicated drain for the washing machine. I was tempted to just run the clothes washer into the drain currently...
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