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  1. NHmaster

    Sinus Problems?

    Is anyone else having sinus problems this winter? I have not been this stuffed up in longer than I can remember. Doc's got me on flow nase (usless) and some anti hystemine but nothing seems to work worth a damn cept the good old Vick's inhaler.
  2. NHmaster

    What to watch for with pex?

    Go with Uponor and forget the manablock.
  3. NHmaster

    New format

    Is there a way to increase the font size? I can barely see this.. god it sucks being old :mad:
  4. NHmaster

    Just a couple of days away

    From having nationalized health care whether we like it or not.
  5. NHmaster

    Merry Christmas Terry

    Merry Christmas Terry, Cass, HJ, Valveman and all the members. Keep warm, keep safe, and keep your loved ones close to your heart.
  6. NHmaster

    Coming to a Plumbing Inspector near you

    New and improved for 2009. The latest version of the IPC contains such nifty tidbits as this gem All backflow preventers having an atmospheric vent (watts 9d et al ) must have the vent piped to a waste receptor by means of an air break or an air gap. (those of you installing boilers should...
  7. NHmaster

    Hey Gary

    My local Home Depot is selling Kinetico, over the counter, DIY and I can't get them to return my phone calls :D I kid you not. I was in there today looking at pellet stoves and what do I see out of the corner of my eye. A Kinetico softener setup on display. I thought they were only...
  8. NHmaster

    I love Vista

    There, I said it and I don't feel guilty either :cool:
  9. NHmaster

    So who's feelin good !

    Everyone has the swine or the regular, or a bad this, and a bum that, and this hurts ,and that's swollen, and there's a thing there, and my you know what has a rash and ok so Who's feeling good? I think I felt good today but it's been so long that I don't remember what that was like ;)
  10. NHmaster


    Do any of you guys sell Kinetico or have experience with them? I have looked at their web site and it is pretty much oriented to homeowner information. You can PM me if you would rather.
  11. NHmaster

    A look inside

    Here's what the inside of a Goulds jet pump looks like for anyone that has ever wondered.
  12. NHmaster

    I apologize

    Some of you reading these posts may have noticed a bit of well to put it kindly, antagonistic behavior toward certain members and even spilling over to the posters themselves. I for one wish to offer an apology to you and will make a concerted effort to ignore offhand or demeaning remarks. I...
  13. NHmaster

    Softner Recomendation

    I am a plumber, not a water guy. Don't want to be a water guy and hate messing with all that stuff. However, my own house would seem to be in need of some sort of filter as the measured hardness is 465 ppm. Any recommendations? or should I buy what my supply house sells. ?
  14. NHmaster

    A Public Service Message These guys are all over the TV and radio. It all sounds very convincing indeed, but this is the same old scam that has been going around for years. This product does nothing. Their site says that traditional softeners use salt to replace the minerals...
  15. NHmaster

    NH, Mass, ME etc. Invite

    Any of you guys in the New England Area. Richard Trethewey from This Old House, is giving a presentation on radiant heat in my classroom on April 21 @ 5:30. Food will be served. If you want to attend, PM me and I'll give you the address. Richards visit is sponsored by our local...
  16. NHmaster

    Craigs List-Check this BOZO out.

    Looking for a pex plumber (Seaocast, NH) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reply to: [?] Date: 2009-02-06, 10:14PM EST Hi there, First, I do not mean to piss off any Master Plumbers, with that said, I am...
  17. NHmaster

    separate forum for tankless heaters

    I think we need a separate spot for the tankless crowd. Here is a subject that keeps comming up over and over, like bad Mexican food. :D
  18. NHmaster

    Tankless info from consumer reports, Tankless...Bahhhhh

    This is out of Consumer Reports. Heating water accounts for up to 30 percent of the average home's energy budget. Some makers of gas-fired tankless water heaters claim their products can cut your energy costs up to half over regular storage heaters. So is it time to switch? Probably not...
  19. NHmaster

    Of wood boilers and controls

    The subject of how to control a wood fired boiler seems to come up a lot lately. Usually the problem is that the oil or gas boiler will continue to fire even though the wood boiler is hot. The L8124 triple aquastat and the L8148 aquastat \relay are often involved in the topic because these are...
  20. NHmaster

    Taxation and Misrepresentation

    Don't the fools at the state house and the fed realize that every time they either come up with a new tax or raise the business taxes we already pay that we have to raise our prices to cover the increase. Naturally then we pass the tax on to the customer. So do all businesses. When the taxes...
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