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  1. Tuttles Revenge

    Basement sink filling with water and non-draining ( winter, no water use, house not used) why ???

    It certainly sounds like a clogged sewer if the work they did cleared it. But maybe they forgot to hook everything up? Or there is more of a clog somewhere downstream. Sand in what is coming back sounds like a collapsed drain to me too. I've been in North Bay during January... its COLD up there!!
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    Toilet spacing and back to back lav

    The UPC illustrated manual indicates that the center to center and front clearance measurement for toilets are some of the most important measurements in the plumbing code. But that seems a bit hyperbolic since those distances literally have Nothing to do with sanitation. I would call and ask...
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    Is it possible to recycle toilets?

    In california I thought they get crushed up and used in paving new roads. I think they called it GlassCrete or something like that.
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    Wall hung toilet - Toto vs the rest

    The only word of caution between mixing and matching is that some toilet bowls are shorter than others. We just had to replace 2 bowls for a customer because they only rested against the tile and sheetrock because the carrier they used didn't have cross members behind where the outline of the...
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    Saniflo Rough In - Water shooting out of sink drains?

    I'm thinking more that the pump should be discharging downstream/after any other fixtures. The riser pipe can be of almost any diameter because its a pumped line.. and likely should remain a smaller diameter to prevent settling of solids. But rising up to a height that the pump discharge meets...
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    Looking for vintage packing nut

    There is a copper union under that valve.. Much easier to replace it with another threaded valve than it will be to find a replacement packing nut.
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    Saniflo Rough In - Water shooting out of sink drains?

    We had a client where when the inspector found some existing pipe work asked that it be brought up to code. The homeowner asked why and i explained that it was to prevent poop from explosively exiting their kitchen sink and hitting the ceiling. The homeowner mentioned that it had happened once...
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    Saniflo Rough In - Water shooting out of sink drains?

    Yes, this is true too. The waste that enters a sealed vessel displaces air inside that vessel that must go somewhere. What that manual is showing is the flow chart of the pump. The higher the pump has to lift waste, the more work and the slower it pumps. I can't read the picture really well...
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    Need help fixing a weak kitchen sink sprayer

    The tags on the Hot / Cold are a telltale sign of the manufacturer, but I can't quite recall whose tags those are.. BUT.. Side sprayers are notorious for being low quality and failing often. I second the recommendation for a single handle faucet with a gooseneck pull down sprayer.
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    Saniflo Rough In - Water shooting out of sink drains?

    First. That is NOT a Saniflo. Its hooked up to too small of a drain which should be in the installation instructions. Since its a pump, it should be pumped to wherever it can connect to the proper sized drain and typically downstream of other gravity connections where possible. Whatever...
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    Kohler Mastershower, Please help me identify this thermostatic valve

    Before you dive into a remodel. You might look into having that new white fixture chromed. I've had to change the finish on a number of fixtres from Polished Brass to actual Gold plating. Just 1 option that may save you from opening walls.
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    Kind of crazy idea - adapting a Japanese Toto Neorest

    The photos and the layouts that JBourne posted above indicate that each market has its own rough in adapters.
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    Replacing a Kohler Wellworth in California

    I don't think the grab bars should interfere, but I've never installed one with that setup. I'll try to see if I can test that in our showroom. flushable wipes are Not flushable into a municipal sewer system ever. They could be the issue with the toilet clogging frequently.
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    Replacing Water Fittings for F&P Integrated French Door Refrigerator

    We install a shut off valve in a cabinet next to or near the refrigerator that controls the water supply to the box hook up behind the refrigerator. I angle my outlet to point to the stud where its mounted so that the supply tube can be secured to the wall as a strain relief or downto the...
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    Replacing a Kohler Wellworth in California

    I'm not 100% on whether Kohler had caught up to engineering their toilets to 1.6 by year 2000. Every manufacture failed at it when low flow was required in 96ish.. We do install a lot of Highline/Wellworth toilets and I haven't had any issues with them. We're now required to have 1.28 as well...
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    Critical distance /Venting Help

    Its almost never the venting that is causing the issue. Toilets don't really need a vent in the way that other fixtures do to maintain a trap seal. I usually can't give advice on how bad plumbing rough in installations affect the fixtures since the work I do is never installed that way. BUT...
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    Bathroom sink won't drain, not clogged

    OK.. An air Emmittance valve.. SO.. I took a square of TP and got it wet. Pasted that over the Overflow and filled the sink. Rather than sucking in the TP, it pushed it out creating a bubble. We should have a Mythbusters thread!
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    Bathroom sink won't drain, not clogged

    I wonder if they make an AAV for overflows!? Hah.. I think I invented something. Even if its a quirk with the no overflow sink, you'll want to remove the corrugated trap. And ensure that it is graded/pitched towards the wall
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    Bathroom sink won't drain, not clogged

    Even if that horizontal drain is the absolute worst tube for a horizontal drain... and even if it were slightly backgraded, it should still drain. Is this a new installation or just a rehab using the worst p-trap that money could buy? Get rid of the corrugated flexible tubing.. its not legal...
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    Best way to couple tee fitting with pipe for repair area

    A Street San tee is also an option to get the lowest possible installation.