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  1. NoviceLurker

    Last ditch effort to bypass old cast iron shower line!

    Shower base is in, and now that it’s in, I can see how the pipes will fit. I can reach the 1 1/2” sink line to 2”washing machine line with this routing. Will this work? The attached pictures are pretty much the exact measurements. Everything on the way out will be 2”. The kitchen sink line will...
  2. NoviceLurker

    Almost ready to start putting in greenboard and cement board, but have a question.

    Bathroom is almost ready to be boarded. In the shower, cement board (Fibrock) will be the walls, the ceiling will be greenboard. How do I do the transition with taping the seams where the walls and ceiling meet? Thinset is used for the cement board, but using thinset for the cement...
  3. NoviceLurker

    Compression or glued shower drain?

    Will always have access to under the shower, if I break drywall. Which should I use? I purchased both.
  4. NoviceLurker

    Shower base finally arrived, and almost ready to put it into place. Drain questions!

    The new Kohler cast iron shower base came in and the drain location is in a different location than the tub. It would seem to be an odd angle to connect the new shower drain to. Also it's a cast iron pipe going to the stack that collects a lot of hair regardless of strainer used. I'd like to...
  5. NoviceLurker

    Another bathroom redo question.It’s about exhaust fans!

    The joists for the bathroom run horizontal to where I can exit the duct to a window in an adjacent room where the clothes dryer vents. There are furring strips that run 90 degrees to the joists so Sheetrock can be hung below piping. I have about 2.5” from the cross beams to the bottom of the...
  6. NoviceLurker

    What wood? to use after removing cast iron tub?

    Took out my cast iron tub. The replacement is a cast iron shower bed. Where the tub was is recessed about 3/4 of an in and needs to be built up to bring it level to the tile. What should I use to make it level, plywood? Cement board?
  7. NoviceLurker

    Fiberock or mold tough for bathroom walls?

    Yesterday I stumbled upon what may be an issue. To get a full sheet of sheet rock into the bathroom, it may not work. I'd have to bend it a bit to try to get it in there. Fiberock is obviously shorter, but each sheet weighs as much as a sheet of mold tough. I've searched and saw Fiberock can be...
  8. NoviceLurker

    Replacing the tub in my bathroom. Have new base on the way.

    Next step in my bathroom redo! The shower base! The base I settled on is a cast iron from Kohler linked below. I wanted something that will last the next 100 years of the house and is durable for when I rent out the aprtment. It's a single threshold and would have to build a new wall to...
  9. NoviceLurker

    Redoing bathroom. Galvanized is cracked. How to proceed?

    Opened up the wall and the galvanized is cracked. After the 90 on the right it goes up about three feet and then left about six feet to vent stack. The cracked section need to be cut, obviously. When I do, do I cap the rest of the galvanized or do I tie back into it? If I cap it, how should the...