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  1. TedL

    Shower drain size

    I've read here for years that "the codes" require a minimum 2 inch drain for showers. Yet when I look at the code for my state, the minimum trap size specified for a shower is 1.5 inch. That's based on the IPC, and can be seen here...
  2. TedL

    Free codes online

    Here's a site with free access to NY State's various construction codes (building, plumbing, electrical, etc.), as well as nine other states:
  3. TedL

    Fitting selection - on its back.

    I hope I can convey this with words, and not need drawings or pictures. The basic question is whether a sanitary tee can be used on its back when the side (branch) is being used for the vent connection, and the fixture being drained is the highest connection. I suspect not, but I assume I...
  4. TedL

    CI Toilet flange - Inside or Outside??

    My question is whether there's any reason to go to the trouble of making room for an outside mount toilet flange, rather than using an inside mount. Either flange will be all steel/CI. Background I'm refurbishing a basement half bath, on slab, including replacing floor tile and the current...
  5. TedL

    Lead sleeve - what does it do?

    I found my basement toilet drain has a lead sleeve over the flange going into the cast iron. What purpose does it serve? To smooth the inside surface when a set screw mounted flange has been used?? If I remove this sleeve to inspect the flange and replace the toilet mounting bolts, are...
  6. TedL

    What am I looking at here?

    I'm installing a new Drake in my basement, and when I took off the old toilet, I found something I don't recognize, nor do I remember hearing of anything like it. It looks (and bends) like a lead sleeve that goes 3 or 4 inches below the flange, inside the pipe, and is bent out over the flange...
  7. TedL

    Questions about a mortar bed for Sterling Vikrell tub

    I'm installing a Vikrell tub, and trying to follow the supplied instructions for the optional mortar bed. I have a problem with one step of the instructions, which reads as follows: "Spread a 2 inch layer of cement or mortar on the subfloor except where the bath feet will be set." The...
  8. TedL

    Questions - - Roughing in for future shower

    I'm trying to figure out where to locate the rough in for a yet to be selected shower unit. I presently have a 48" shower in a second floor bath, and figure on replacing it with a 60" unit within the next year or two. That 6" movement of the drain will take it over 1 joist bay closer to the...
  9. TedL

    Overhauling URC toilets

    Our new home includes three 1989 vintage URC toilets, one of which needs attention now and the other two don't seem far behind. Normally I would get Korky or Fluidmaster tank overhaul kits to replace all the mechanicals, but it seems URC does a lot of things differently. And finding parts for...
  10. TedL

    Fernco question

    Merry Christmas to all! We're waiting for our college age kids to wake up, so I'm planning things. Background I'm moving a horizontal drain/vent line serving our second floor shower, in anticipation of installing a 60" shower unit in the future to replace the current 48" unit. The ceiling...
  11. TedL

    Cutting a new vanity top

    Our new (to us) house has a vanity top showing cracking/crazing in the bowl. I'd like to replace it with a reasonably priced stock unit, but there's a's 58 inches long. Can cultured marble, or any of the other commonly stocked (at big boxes) materials be cut with a circular...
  12. TedL

    Forum like this for HVAC?

    I'm looking at replacing my home furnace and possibly A/C, and I'm wondering if anyone can point me to a forum like this for that subject area. Among other considerations, I'm trying to decide between Trane and Lennox.
  13. TedL

    Mudding in a tub

    Well, I think my shower drain leak on one bath is fixed, now on to the second floor bath that was in worse condition when we moved in...a two piece fiberglass unit that we cut up and removed. (It was worn out, but was also leaking onto the ceiling below from one of the screw holes where the two...
  14. TedL

    Replacing shower drain

    I just mved into a 20 year old home with a badly leaking shower drain. The shower is a two piece fiberglass/acrylic unit. The leak is between the shower base and the drain. This is my first time working on a shower drain, and I'm somewhat surprised to see something that looks like it can't...