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    High pressure cut-off switch for small fountain pump?

    Trying to build a portable waterer with 5 gallon pail and small submersible fountain pump and hand held water wand to water indoor plants. Is there a high pressure cut-off switch I could hook up to this kind of pump? Thanks for any suggestions.

    1 of 3 Toto UltraMax won't shut off quickly - pulses

    Monty.. I recently had same problem with my Drake toilet. New cap for fill valve (purchased at Lowes) did the trick. Good luck!

    water draining out of toilet

    Well I guess my weeping water got the discussion going.. Going to test for leaks just because I have to pull the bowl anyway.. Going to be a real trick returning this mail-order bowl.. There go the savings off the web.. And Toto just doesn't seem to believe in leaks.. Thank you all for all of...

    water draining out of toilet

    Thanks for quick reply. Floor is level. Toilet set well over newly tiled floor. No installation problems. Toto says cracks are rare and that I should see water on the floor. Would this always be the case?

    water draining out of toilet

    Bought a Toto Drake toilet after all the good advice on this excellent site. Water surface fills to approx. 8 x 10 inches but then loses about 30 fl. ounces or so of water within a just a couple of minutes after filling to a final surface of approx 6 x 9. Was thinking poor vent or blocked vent...