How to block a user posts on Terry Love's Plumbing Forum

Some posters can be annoying. Don't waste any time reading their posts. Hide them from view !!!

  1. johnfrwhipple
    Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 10.07.50 PM.png

    Terry Love's top Resource is all about blocking annoying posters. I'm sure hundreds will grow to love this new web tool.

    There is a new wonderful feature now on Terry Love's Plumbing forum. It's long overdue and will make many people very happy. It's a block feature and it hides posts from users you don't like.

    Any of the regular poster here know that Jim and I do not get along. This little feature (Blocking Feature) I just tried out and now I can not see any of Jim's posts anymore. Oh what a feature and yet another Canada Day Miracle.

    To use the feature mouse over the profile picture of the person you wish to block. Then hit the block button on the top right. That's it. Now the persons future posts and prior posts will be hidden.... So Easy. So Smart.

    Many people do not like my posts as well. They can now block me like I blocked Jim. Many people hate Jim's promotion of Kerdi and the John Bridge forum - simple fix these days. Just block him. If you hate my posts - block me. So simple and so quick.

    A thousand thank you's to the Internet team and Terry Love dot com.​

    Using this forum just got ten times better.....

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