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    Kitchen Sink drain into main Vent stack

    Yes, depends on exactly where I measure the trap arm length. Assuming original plumber did it right Any issues with the sink tie in being below the toilet flood rim or???
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    Kitchen Sink drain into main Vent stack

    HI, My toilet trap arm drains into a 4" tee below the floor with the main vent stack out the top of the tee. My kitchen sink drain has a 42" trap arm that is tee'd into that 4" vent above the toilet drain tee. Firstly, is that OK? Secondly, I need to lower that trap arm from approximately 19"...
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    Where to buy code book?

    Don't know where you are ,but the Minnesota Plumbing code is on the State Website for free. Home Depot has several Generic code books on Plumbing, Electic, and Heating.
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    Basment Bath Plan Opinion

    I have several windows close by...Code says they can't be closer than 10ft horizontally... Code or not my nose wouldn't like it anyway. :p ..But thanks for the reply on freezing up..I only asked that 'cause the existing 2" roof top vent will freezeover in very cold weather.
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    Basment Bath Plan Opinion

    No opinions on either question? I could use some help on the basic layout.
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    wye bend and what for

    This is from a DIY selfer. MN code only allows the use of 90 degree ells and sanitary tees when going from horizontal to vertical. You can use a 60,45, or 22 degree bend but I believe there is a limit to how many on any single run. :)
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    Basment Bath Plan Opinion

    Basement Bath Plan I'm getting ready to install a lav/shower/WC in my basement and have a plan of attack but I'm a DIYer and would like another opinion (or suggestions) Installation is in the lower level corner of the house with an on grade slab. The house has only a 2" vent for the whole...
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