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    Old sump pump - new water?

    Sorry for long post, but wanted to set situation - I’ve been in my house for ~5 years. Typically my sump pump runs a lot when it rains - however if it doesn’t rain it doesn’t run - especially in the summer (I could go 2-3 weeks without a cycle). Starting around the beginning of August I noticed...
  2. Nic3456

    Installing SDR-21 - 600ft

    Going to be install some 2 inch SDR-21 water pipe next week (about 600') and had a few questions. - anyone have a preferred lube/grease they like to use? - will the pipe have any flex/give? We need to shift the pipe about 30' over the last 200' - do you put together the pipe on the surface and...
  3. Nic3456

    DIY Gas line from meter at street to house

    Going to start trenching my utilities in a few weeks. One question/concern I have with the gas (and the gas company isn't being helpful). They are going to install the meter at the road. I will be trenching/running pipe about 550ft to the house. Since the meter is at the street what will I be...
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