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    I have a Gould J15S shallow well jet pump. Motor adapter aparently cracked during cold spell. Problem: I have it broke down to the point of removing the impeller, I am unable to figure out how to grip the motor shaft to remove the impeller. And if you are able to convey this to me, which way do i turn the impeller to remove it?
    I am a school teacher who has a little rental house. Most repairmen will call me and tell me what is wrong and give me a ball park figure. I had a plumber, local...trying to keep the money in the county wher I live and work do repairs a couple of time, he fixed leaks and charge around $150 to $200. This time he went to replace a shower and tub faucet. I received a bill for $465 after he had done the work, he never called to let me know how much it would be. His daughter goes to my school and I figured with him knowing I was a teacher he would be on the up and up and forthcoming with charges and communication if it was going to be more than a couple of 100 dollars. I asked for and itemed receipt. He gave me one a week after I requested it and the Delta part was $150 and he charge $90 dollars and hour for 3.5 hours. He said he did not charge me for two $25 shut off valus or the .5 hours it took him to pick up the part. If you area plumber can you tell me if I was charged too much and if in your opinion hr should have advised me of repair price before doing the work. Thank you in advance if you decide to reply. I could not figure how to make a general post for any plumbers to reply to. If you don't have time or interest in replying, can you copy and paste and post this for me?
    One other thing, how does the grind pump work, do I need a collection tank? Thank you in advance.
    I have a church where the bathrooms are a problem. They are three feet in the air due to not wanting to drill a 4 inch hole in the side of the concrete slab. What are my options? I need to get the toilets on the ground so they will be wheelchair asst. I have looked into a pump system (of which I know nothing about) then the rear flush toilet came into mind. can you help?
    I have a water situation I can't explain. We have a closed loop hot water system. i don't know if the problem is in it or not but, I only notice this is our master bath, because I am in there at the time,when the sink water is used ( cold or hot ) or the toilet is flushed the shower gives a large drip and then stops. It does not leak otherwise. I did just install a new hot water tank, but we had the problem before that. Any suggestions
    how are you doing?
    I was wondering if you have heard anything about the bigger Tankless
    water heater companies being sold to home depot(ie. Noritz or Rinnai)
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