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    Reusing brass pipes

    I have to repipe about 60' of an existing 1" water line to a new location and existing pipes are brass pipes. I was wandering if I should reuse those pipes or should I put in a new copper pipes. Also if I reuse them is there a way to clean the inside. The pipes are probably 80 year old. Thank...
  2. KamilB

    Plumbing Layout

    I am falling under NYC IPC. The second floor showers are dry vented. Thank you for the recommendation regarding venting the second floor showers using the soil stack/ stack vent. Would I have to use a double santee to achieve that with bends in the shower trap arms or would it be ok to stack...
  3. KamilB

    Plumbing Layout

    Got it. Thank you for your input. Is it possible to eliminate vent stack and do it as shown below.
  4. KamilB

    Plumbing Layout

    Thank you for the feedback I had hard time getting back to the website as I forgot the password and I couldn't reset it. I am under IPC. The vanities on the second floor will wet vent the toilets and showers will have their own vents. I am wary of the fixture crossing as for cleaning purposes in...
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