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    Help with return water dip switch settings (Navien NCB 240e)

    That dip switch being OFF just means that you are running in Supply Water Temperature Control Mode. I've tried messing around using Return Water Temp Control on my Navien NCB-180E, but it never seemed to work well. IMO, I'd leave it in Supply mode and get your temperatures turned down. What...
  2. jac04

    Help setting max space heat capacity for Navien NCB 240E

    The max space heating capacity only limits the max firing rate when the unit is trying to achieve its target baseboard water temperature. It will throttle back to whatever % firing required after that. Your issue is likely that you are running return temperatures that put you way out of...
  3. jac04

    Navien CH180 Error Code Questions

    These CH units are super sensitive to gas pressure. The tech needs to measure 'dynamic' gas pressure with the unit firing, not just static pressure. Also check the small rubber hose connections for the pressure sensors - I remember some of mine being loose.
  4. jac04

    Navien NCB Boiler - Possible to Shutoff 2nd Stage

    I'm a little late on this response, but by default the Boost is set to zero, which means it is already turned off unless you went in and turned it on. Remember that the Boost is actually comprised of both Boost Interval Time and Boost Temperature. Boost Time can be changed, but Boost...
  5. jac04

    Navien CH180 Error Code Questions

    I recall reading about the CH units having questionable grounds. Back before my CH180 finally bit the dust, I know that I had cleaned the paint from around the casing ground screw locations. I'm not sure it will solve your problem, but it certainly won't hurt.
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    Is my Navien Combi install salvageable?

    IIRC, the Navien manual provides instructions for running longer exhaust runs. Extending the exhaust should be quick & easy as long as you stay within the equivalent length spec'd in the manual. The howling noise sounds like what I experienced on my original CH-180 due to improper gas flow...
  7. jac04

    Is my Navien Combi install salvageable?

    Just curious ... How did the heat exchanger fail? Internal leak, or was it leaking through the outer casing to inside the unit? If the entire unit is being replaced, then what makes the labor bill so high (or are you talking about your initial installation labor)? I think the new NCB-E is the...
  8. jac04

    Help with replacing underground oil supply line

    When I switched from oil to propane, I abandoned my oil line in the concrete floor. After disconnecting both ends, I blew it out with compressed air. Just be careful and make sure you have something to blow the oil into so it won't spray all over the place. After blowing the oil out, I...
  9. jac04

    Navien CH180 2 second burn on/off

    ^ What checks were performed? Have you had your dynamic gas supply pressures checked? These units are VERY sensitive to gas pressure. That's where I would start.
  10. jac04

    Help with New Navien 210 Combi Boiler

    The upper right is the exhaust. The NCB manual states that either PVC or CPVC solid-core (not foam core) pipe can be used for the exhaust. I made sure that CPVC solid-core was used for mine. I have never noticed any plastic smell from my NCB-180E. What material is your exhaust piped with?
  11. jac04

    Navien CH-180 ASME Spare Parts - FREE To a Good Home**

    5 parts listed as CLAIMED are being sent out to Bob this weekend. If anyone else can use any of the remaining parts, just let me know.
  12. jac04

    Navien CH-180 ASME Spare Parts - FREE To a Good Home**

    This forum is a little different than some others I participate on. Click on "jac04" under the hat picture, then click on "start a conversation". I'll send you a message right now, and you should be able to reply.
  13. jac04

    Navien CH-180 ASME Spare Parts - FREE To a Good Home**

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but ... I have a bunch of brand new genuine Navien spare parts that I bought for my Navien CH-180 ASME mod-con boiler. It was replaced with a different unit, so I have no use for these parts as they are not interchangeable. Here's what I have...
  14. jac04

    Is my Navien Combi install salvageable?

    The Navien manual isn't very clear when it comes to defining some of the parameters, that's for sure. As far a Tech Support, try calling early in the morning. That way you will be sure to get someone in New Jersey and not California. The NJ people seem to be more knowledgeable. I have found...
  15. jac04

    Is my Navien Combi install salvageable?

    I have a few ideas to help you use what you've got. I have a Navien NCB180E. I think the regular NCB units have the same features, so ... You can put the unit into Error Checking Mode, select "FAN", and the unit will do a self-diagnostic on the fan and APS (air pressure sensor). Have both...
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