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    Replace tank on older 1.6gpf Briggs toilet or buy new toilet?

    Toto toilets are widely sold on the web, which is where I bought mine a few weeks ago and had a very positive experience doing so. Given how easy it was to install for an amateur like myself, I'm certain that any of your local plumbers would be able to install one easily.
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    Soiree on 14 in RI

    I installed an Eco Soiree two weeks ago, and I am someone with basic but not intermediate plumbing knowledge. Installation for me turned out to be extremely easy, especially after having visited this web site and learned little tidbits like to use a simple wax ring without the plastic funnel...
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    Unifit t-bolts

    I just got an Eco Soiree. It also came with the shorter t-bolts, but I don't think it's a mistake. It certainly appears that the shorter bolts will be long enough to do the job. I noticed that the date on the bottom of the sheet of paper that said that only the Lloyd used the shorter t-bolts...
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    Ordering a Toto - Confused on # of Models!!

    pearlblue: I will definitely let you know how the Soiree works out. So far, all I can tell you is that it arrived in perfect condition via UPS, my wife and I were able to muscle it upstairs, and it looks nice sitting in the bathroom where it will be installed. peanut: It figures they would...
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    Ordering a Toto - Confused on # of Models!!

    Not to make your decision process any more difficult, but have you considered the Ultramax II ? It's also a 1.28 gallon, but uses Toto's latest flushing system, the double cyclone. The main difference between the G-Max/E-Max versus the double cyclone is that with the G-Max, the water enters...
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    Toto Soiree or Guinevere review, installing, comments and pictures

    I'm thinking of replacing an ancient eljer with a Soiree. My supply is fine left to right (8 inches), however it is 8 1/4" off the floor and Toto says it should be at 4 1/2". Is that a potential problem? It would seem to me that as long as I can connect the supply to the toilet without...
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    TOTO Ultramax II, MS604114CEFG toilet reviews & pictures

    Consumer Reports blue dye explanation?? Terry, as someone who is actively looking to replace an old toilet, I have been looking into my various Toto options and came across both the Consumer Reports article and your great web site. It seems really crazy that CR could get such a...
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