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    Regulating Hot Water Temperature and Aquastat ?!?

    There is a dedicated return line. Return line mixes with the cold water feed before it returns to the HWH. Circulation pump works. No check valve on return line prior to the cold water connection. New aquastat installed - Johnson/ Penn A421. Sweet unit. I have set a cut-in at 100* and a...
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    Regulating Hot Water Temperature and Aquastat ?!?

    I manage 4 townhouses which have identical plumbing systems/ layouts. So, if a problem comes up in one unit, there's a good chance that it's bound to come up in the others. This solution can potentially be applied to each of the 4 townhouses, which are only 5 years old. One client is telling...
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    Burnham Boiler Pauses Making Hot Water

    Would a TACO 5003 Mixing Valve be better/ best? Frankie
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    Burnham Boiler Pauses Making Hot Water

    Tankless water heater supplies 4.00 GPM. Heated water is connected to a Watts LFN170 tempering valve. F
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    Burnham Boiler Pauses Making Hot Water

    Pics tomorrow. Unit is 5 years old. Never cleaned. Fed by city water. F
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    Burnham Boiler Pauses Making Hot Water

    We have a Burnham MegaSteam Boiler MST629. It provides steam to radiators and hot water to 3 full bathrooms. There is no recirculating pump. The wait for hot water really isn't that bad. Boiler kicks in 20 seconds after a hot water is turned on and stays on as long as the valve is open. The...
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    Alternatives to Uponor transfer plates?

    Try Thermofin. They offer 3 different types and price points; Frankie
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    Radiant Heat Mechanics

    I'm a contractor in NYC and have a client whose radiant heat hasn't worked well for the past 4 years. The system was installed 16 years ago. I think its been a problem since the beginning but when an actuator failed, it focused his attention. 3 Zones - A. Master Bath Floor + B. Powder Room...
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    McDonnel 67 etc

    I have a year old Burnham MegaSteam boiler MST629. Full disclosure - it was installed on the cheap. Part 1: Old unit, a Peerless, had a McDonnel Series 67 Low Water cut-off which I used to flush for 3 secs, until it ran clear, once/ week. The new Burnham uses a CycleGard Low water cut-off...
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    Lead Pan and Repair

    Yes, agreed, there are better and more modern ways to create a shower pan, but here in NYC, Building Architects specify lead pans be used. We often petition for waivers by providing specifications and test data for approval of more current methods, but in a full renovation we need to pick our...
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    Lead Pan and Repair

    We recently completed a project where our plumber installed a lead shower pan. Now, the client would like to change the drain to a different type rough which requires penetrating the lead pan. Plumber says he can't warranty the modification because of penetrating the lead pan and he would...
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    Boiler Still Cycling On @ 80*

    We have a steam radiant heat system, oil fed, with hot water on demand - no hot water storage tank. It's been in the 70's and 80's for the past few weeks. We noticed at night, when it's quiet, we can hear the steam pipe vents hissing. What??? I figured the thermostat was set high due to a cool...
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    Telescoping Pot Filler

    I am looking at robotics too! Scissor lifts seem to be too bulky. Looking at some interesting worm gears and some hydraulic options. Lots to learn. This investigation has its own vocabulary. Considered the pullout faucet. If installed towards front of cooktop, it'll be in the way. If at...
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    How to replace inline sillcock? Need suggestions.

    You're going to need to totally drain the system, regardless - even to do the limited repair you're thinking. So if you're in, go all in and replace the valve complete. It'll be a sure thing, 100% repair and take less time, with no part compatibility and availability issues.
  15. FMcCracken

    Telescoping Pot Filler

    I have a client who is getting a cooktop installed on/ in an island countertop. One compromise he's made for the island location is that he won't be getting a pot filler. The wall mounted units fold back so they are fine for cooktops along a wall. However, with an island cooktop, the deck...
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