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    Honeywell WH thermostat - code 7 fixable?

    I cannot get the pilot to stay lit on my WH. I'm getting a code 7, which on this one means replace valve. The pilot generator reads 500+mv. I "grounded" out the back of the board with aluminum foil. No luck. I used a 9v battery and jumped ground to valve and ground to pilot. They both click. No...
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    Remote panel grounds and neutrals in main panel?

    Out of curiosity, I saw a 120v subpanel, next to the main panel, where the subpanel circuit neutrals and grounds remained in the main panel (bonded). The subpanel is grounded to the main panel by a 6" metal conduit. A 60 amp double pole breaker in the main panel feeds the sub and the sub has a...
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    Sink never drains, toilet plugs occasionally

    I have an old rental duplex with cast iron drains and a bathroom sink that drains very slowly in the second unit. This second unit is down stream from the first unit and closest to the main. The first unit has no plumbing issues. However, in the second unit the bathroom sink will sit half full...
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    Water heater venting: flexible b-vent?

    It's empty attic area, there's no storage available in that area and nothing combustible near it. I read it must have b-vent through ceilings, etc. (it does) but I assume flex pipe must have been ok at the time because it's not a storage area and there's nothing around it. But I am curious, does...
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    Water heater venting: flexible b-vent?

    I'm in CA. I bought my house a while back. I have been examining different items in my house to make sure they meet code. My water heater is inside the house and has a b-vent attached to the WH hood and it goes through the ceiling into the attic. The b-vent extends about 1' 6" above the ceiling...
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    HVAC - both blower and fan will not start, contactor not pulling in.

    Yes, but 24v not coming out of transformer?
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    HVAC - both blower and fan will not start, contactor not pulling in.

    I have a package unit on my roof. It stopped running. I have checked all the electrical. 120 (x2) out of 30 amp breaker. 120 (x2) power to disconnect and out of disconnect and slow fuses are good per DMM. 120 power on line, both legs of contactor. Disconnected and bypassed thermostat at board...