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  1. VendingGirl
  2. Master Plumber Mark
    Master Plumber Mark ditttohead
  3. Jayman
    Jayman Terry
    I have a hansgrophe shower valve that makes noise after turned off...sometimes . Also after a shower when turning off bathroom sink, same sound comes from the valve area. Valve is 2 years old...any clues? thanks
  4. TEstsolarus
    TEstsolarus m100psi
    Hi m100psi - we also have a Grundfos pump and I can't seem to figure out if it is working. Could you tell me - if you open the little silver disk and look inside - should you be able to see it spinning?
  5. Philly Billy3
    Philly Billy3
    Had water coming up thru garage slab. I made an opening and found a cast iron hub with no pipiping or cap is there a way to cap the hub.
  6. LeeAnn
    I am trying to repair a leaking tub faucet(Peerless) and no allen wrench access hole to be found. Help!
  7. GS_Texas
    Friendship is out there!
  8. Candice Struck
    Candice Struck
    Frustrated, with well water pump!!
  9. Kakozar34
    Kakozar34 hj
    HJ, can you tell me how to post something for input? I just signed up for the forum and am not quite up to speed yet.
  10. Drain Target
    Drain Target
  11. Barbara K
    Barbara K
    My toilet refills about every 15 minutes. I replace the flapper and it still leaks. Please help
    1. Barbara K
      Barbara K
      I also tried the o rings. When I shut the water off the tank empties eventually.
      Jul 5, 2018
  12. Lori Spurgeon
    Lori Spurgeon
    Unfinished basement existing floor drain in kitchen 5ft away from bathroom with toilet, sink, hot water heater. Raised shower possible?
    1. Lori Spurgeon
      Lori Spurgeon
      Daughter's hubby wants a different setup when we leave so it needs to be a reversible set up.
      Jun 28, 2018
    2. Lori Spurgeon
      Lori Spurgeon
      Also we're disabled so looking for any kind of setup for a shower. Also her bathroom is right above ours and needs a repair for leaking toilet and shower. Looking to DIY all of this. Not looking for pretty just function.
      Jun 28, 2018
  13. MJB84
    MJB84 Dana
    Hi, I've read your posts about Navien units.I have a NCB-240E (moved in winter '17) that is only on water heating duty. The unit is kicking on frequently for short bursts when there is no call for hot water. All heat zones are off, no water use of any kind.Any idea on what could be the issue (should you think there is)?I have a decent understanding of general plumbing.However no exp. with tankless/combi-boilers.
  14. Terry
    Terry jimbo
    Jimbo passed away in 2013. I told his daughter that he will be missed always. He was always helpful and full of knowledge.
  15. InvisibleMe
    InvisibleMe ditttohead
    I was hoping you might have some insight into an issue I have. I have a customer who has a Fleck 5800 system to deal with iron in their water. From what I know, it has improved their water. This issue is that they wish to remodel their bathroom, and don't want to have to work to keep a white or almond tube clean. Is their a color that will hide iron better than others?
  16. Tylerloch
    Tylerloch Terry
    Terry is there any way you could check my post and give me advice thank you
  17. Matt Peiris
    Matt Peiris
    Learn from Pandora's mistake—think outside the box.
  18. Weeks Building Group
    Weeks Building Group
    Custom Home Builders Adelaide
  19. AlexOrtiz
    I'm just here to learn!
  20. Sohag Mia
    Sohag Mia
    Hello Guys, Its my first post