Re: American Standard toilet makes random "pressure release" sound.
Posted by Terry Love on August 11, 2004 at 22:21:46:
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: : Dear Terry and message board,

: : My wife and I have a slightly less than 2-year-old home with new American Standard toilets with the 3142 valves. The toilets work great, and as far as I can tell do NOT leak. However, at random times they'll make a sound as though "releasing pressure."

: : It's not a flushing sound, nor is it the same sound that happens when one forces the ball down to cause the valve to allow water into the tank. It's more of a very fast (and fairly loud "PFFFFFFFFFT" sound!)

: : Is this "normal" for the American Standard toilet? Is it a sign of problems to come? We know this is happening on at least two new toilets...

: : -Mike
: :

: The fill valve is most likely going bad. I had the same problem on my A/S Hamilton. I replaced the fill valve with a Fluidmaster 400 replacement valve & it works fine. A/S is still the best toilet maker in the business. Sometimes though, the stock fill valves they use are cheap.

Not as good as Toto.
Toto is the one that the others copy.
Toto is also the biggest plumbing company in the world.
It would take several of the largest American companies put together to come close.

Remember when Honda and Toyota hit our shores?

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