Posted by PW on August 06, 2004 at 10:36:36:
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After it is good and clean you may want to consider applying Rain-X. Rain-X is used on cars, airplanes, etc. Makes the water bead up and easer to keep clean with a squeege or whatever. But, as said, you must clean the door after each use, the Rain-X should last a month or more before the need to recoat.

: Am enjoying a large tiled walk-in shower with two shower heads and jets - so a lot of water spraying out at times! This was a remodel done in Jan. '04. Beginning to have a problem keeping the glass doors clean. A film is building up (lime or soap scum perhaps?) on the inside which I can't remove with Windex! Is there a product for removing this which won't damage the glass? Any assistance gratefully accepted. Thank you.

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