Re: Smell in the bathroom after it rains
Posted by jimbo on August 05, 2004 at 15:07:16:
In response to Re: Smell in the bathroom after it rains
:1. Mold is EVERYWHERE. It has been with us for a million years. It is a problem now because the lawyers have discovered it. It is the new moneypot now that all the PB lawsuits and condimuinium construction defect lawsuits have dried up.

2.. MOST mold is NOT toxic. Uncontrolled, it can bother some people with sensitive allergies, and there are some which ARE toxic.

3. Mold does not ususally have an odor. It can cause that vague "musty" smell, but not usually the stench you are describing.

4... It is not a good thing to let a lot of mold grow and multiply in your house. Proper ventilation and maintenance in wet areas, and cleanup and repair of any areas where there have been leaks will prevent these problems.

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