Re: Smell in the bathroom after it rains
Posted by Sylvan Tieger on August 05, 2004 at 12:40:46:
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: We just bought a house w/ an added bathroom in the master bedroom. The bathroom is on the 2nd floor and is small. An awful smell comes from the tub and sink only after it rains, well at least that where I think it is coming from. My wife is concerned it might be that toxic mold and wants someone to look at it. Has anyone had this same problem? Help please!

Sometimes folks connect an inside leader line (storm) to a soil or waste line and figuring storm water does not need a vent the storm water if it is connected to a soil or waste line can cause back syphonage and thus deplete the traps of the fixtures it is connect to.

Also a trap can loose its seal during a storm from oscillation (wind effect), negative and or positive pressure.

Next time you have a rain storm Or a windy day look at the water level inside your toilet bowl and see if there is any movement this is a sure sign of oscillation is taking place.

If this is the case what I do on high rise structures is place a return bend (180 degree fitting) on the vent terminal to prevent down drafts from taking place.

To me it sounds like someone used a vent line for a waste if this smell is only from the basin and tub OR some Billy Butt Crack (Jack leg) was stupid enough to use a wet vent as this is common place for the non skilled or where code officials are not above taking a bribe IMHO

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