At last, someone thinking like me.
Posted by Ted Crocker on August 05, 2004 at 05:06:44:
In response to At last, someone thinking like me.
With the Bosch drain hose exiting at the top of the machine, Bosch assures me (and I believe them) that siphoning the machine isn't an issue even if the standpipe is mounted at floor level, probably because their drain hose's diameter is so much smaller than the 2" standpipe's and water volume is low. I can install an anti-siphon fitting at the standpipe if that makes the inspector happy.

Your second point about flushing the p-trap if too much water enters the standpipe all at once with the momentum creating it's own siphoning of the trap, thus allowing in sewer vapors, is a concern and a shorter standpipe would help, not hurt, in this case (I would think).

I like your analogy to a dishwasher. I think I'll use that with the inspector, if you don't mind. It's probably not far from the truth.

I wish I could get a copy of European code for this situation.

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