Standpipe and Trap Code with Under Counter Euro Washer
Posted by Ted Crocker on August 04, 2004 at 05:13:44:
I am installing a Bosch Axxis washing machine inside a cabinet and under a countertop. The shut-off valve will be located above the countertop in the tile backsplash for easy access. The hose bibbs and standpipe will be located under the countertop. Due to height and depth space restrictions (I need a cleat to support the stone countertop and I must recess the standpipe in the wall), using a wall box, my 2" standpipe can only be installed at a height of 22" above the floor. Bosch has no minimum standpipe height requirement, only a maximum. Code calls for a trap at 6" minimum plus a minimum standpipe height of 18" which totals 24" overall. What is the reasoning behind the code numbers and how can I get around the exact letter of the code, yet satisfy the code, in my installation by perhaps installing siphon breaks or the like?

It seems the code was written for standard American washers and not Euro style in an undercounter application. Am I wrong?

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