Re: Refrigerator Water Line to Water Tank
Posted by Gary Swart on August 04, 2004 at 01:46:28:
In response to Re: Refrigerator Water Line to Water Tank
Sam, you know your house, you just have to find a way that you can route the line. I'd guess you may have to go up and across above the ceiling, but hard to say for sure without seeing the whole picture. However you end up routing the line, you should NOT use the saddle connector usually sold for tapping into the supply line. They usually cause a problem in time. Since you likely will have to go up, across, and down, I'd suggest using 1/2" pipe to do that. Put a cut off valve at the supply line junction and at a point near the refrigerator and reduce to the 1/4" flex copper at the last valve. Yeah, I know that's probably overkill on the valves, but it will give you options in case of trouble later, and valves are cheap.

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