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Posted by e-plumber on August 03, 2004 at 22:07:12:
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: : I have a BALL valve -3/4" that I want to solder a piece of 3/4" pipe into both ends. Is it ok to solder without damage to the valve.? It don't appear to have any interior nylon parts, it appears to be a stainless inner ball only, and no apparent way to disassemble anything. Should I leave the valve open to solder? Thanks

: You will have DYI's swear to opening the new valve to when soldering so it can relieve pressure, does not hurt the valve, explode, melt parts,....

: A plumber that has any experience will ask you, if the valve was under water pressure, and you had to make a repair with water inside the valve. How much pressure do you think you will have inside the ball assembly when the water is heated while soldering?

: These are made to withstand pressure produced from soldering so it really doesn't matter. When a new valve is opened for the first time and you hear the noise from the valve relieving the factory air pressure, remember that that can be up to 600 psi to show that there is no leaks.

A sweat valve is made to sweat pipe into it, so there isn't any disassembly required.
You can solder with the valve opened or closed depending on the piping configuration but it is always best to solder with it opened if at all possible, there will be less of a chance of pressure building up in the piping which could cause a solder joint not to take and to leak.

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