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Posted by CEA on August 03, 2004 at 15:25:20:
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You probably have a partial blockage of the main drain. It shows up with the washing machine because the washing machine ejects more water in a shorter amount of time than anything else in the house. 1.6 gallons from a toilet or the slow drainage from a tub is a lot more forgiving than the slug of water that comes out of the washer. Don't assume that because everything else in the house is "fine" it isn't a main drain problem because it usually is.

Since it's a new house there is an outside chance that its an actual defect--the floor drain ties into the same drain as the washer but slopes in the wrong direction, or there's a drainage fitting installed backwards somewhere--but it's far more likely to be a drain blockage.

Ditto what Sylvan said. I've seen a real sewer service pull a 5-gallon bucket full of roots out of a drain that had just been "cleaned" by a chain outfit. If this is a new house you presumably don't have a root problem, but I would have the oldest, most reputable sewer service in your area _really_ clean out the main drain with a real power auger and the biggest cutting head that will fit in the pipe, and make sure they get all the way out to the septic tank. Tell them to take as long as it takes to really get the drain line clean--you may end up paying $200 instead of $69.95 or whatever but when they leave your sewer will work. Good luck.

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