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Posted by hj on July 31, 2004 at 18:13:27:
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It sucks the water out of the tank until the water level is even with the end of the little tube, which is apparently 2" below the water level. I hope you did not go to all that expense because of this problem. Raise the tube above the overflow pipe and fasten it there.

: : : I replace the flapper, flush valve, flush valve washer, tank-to-bowl washer and bolts and washers holding the tank to the bowl. There's still a phantom flush. When I shut off the water feed, the tank water drops about 2 inches, but no more. Any ideas on what the problem may be and ways to fix it?

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: : It sounds like you may have a hole in/or a defective overflow tube or flapper or the refill tube is inserted too far into the overflow tube and it is siphoning down the that level.
: : e-plumber

: Thanks e-plumber. Please elaborate on the refill-tube siphoning? I did have it just laying in the overflow tube. How would this cause the water to siphon off?

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