Re: Leaking shower pan upsatirs bath.
Posted by Don on July 31, 2004 at 13:29:20:
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I know this not a simple question to answer, but, how do I go about replacing the Pan? I assume I need to go down through the tile floor and remove eberything until I get down to the pan. Then replace the pan and install a new tile floor.

I think I need a plumber.

: : I plugged the drain and filled up the shower about 2" its leaking. I hecked the water supply lines and faucet and shoer riser and they are all fine. What now

: Reply:
: Replace the pan, it's 30 years old.
: By the time you break open the cement and tile base and try to locate the exact spot(s) that are leaking and attempt a repair on the spot that you believe is leaking and possibly cause additional leaks/damage to the lead by breaking the tile and cement, are you going to replace the cement and tile and HOPE that you got it?
: An attempted repair to a leaking shower pan is not logical.
: e-plumber

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