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Posted by Sylvan Tieger on July 31, 2004 at 13:14:14:
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: A plumber came out today to repair the pipes going to our water heater which were leaking. After he replaced them and turned the water back on from the main, the water heater began leaking from the pressure release valve - a slow leak but a leak nontheless.

: Is there anything he could have done to cause this? It has never leaked from here or anywhere before. It is 9 yrs. old.

: Thanks, Ruby

Ruby, Whenever I or one of my employees work on a heater that is over two years old we automatically replace the T&P.

Figuring we are there any way and the normal Watts T&P cost under $5.00 and the T&P is the only safety device on this pressure vessel why not replace it if the tank is out of service for repairs?

Call the contractor back and have them replace it as it should have been according to ASME and most manufacturers instructions, this is just basic good plumbing practices.

We are talking about a part that cost under $5.00 and should have automatically been replaced.

Do not try to reset it or make any repair....

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