Re: Leaking shower pan upsatirs bath.
Posted by e-plumber on July 31, 2004 at 12:18:12:
In response to Re: Leaking shower pan upsatirs bath.
: I plugged the drain and filled up the shower about 2" its leaking. I hecked the water supply lines and faucet and shoer riser and they are all fine. What now

Replace the pan, it's 30 years old.
By the time you break open the cement and tile base and try to locate the exact spot(s) that are leaking and attempt a repair on the spot that you believe is leaking and possibly cause additional leaks/damage to the lead by breaking the tile and cement, are you going to replace the cement and tile and HOPE that you got it?
An attempted repair to a leaking shower pan is not logical.

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